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Rare items


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[Sell] Dwarf craftsman targe 100/10009.24, 17:262Pegy09.24, 18:48, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Thief Set][56/60][130K]09.23, 01:385-Thief-09.24, 13:34, by -Thief-
[Sell][Thief Set][Various durability][60K]09.17, 09:024Dionysus09.20, 07:45, by Dionysus
Amphibian greaves and cape09.20, 01:372Jabberwacky09.20, 04:34, by ElfPride
[sell][Order of Endurance][25/27][40,000]09.15, 13:131Hagar Horrible09.15, 13:13, by Hagar Horrible
[Sell][Various Demonic Arts][100/100]09.10, 21:223Joey_the_Ripper09.14, 17:53, by Devils_girl
[Sell][Lich crown][13/13][7k gold]09.12, 14:351Stupefy09.12, 14:35, by Stupefy
[Sell][Recruiter Set][89 or 90duration][1010000gold]09.01, 13:113#7279eddy_fish09.03, 18:26, by #7279eddy_fish
[Sell][Thief Set][Various durability][105000 gold]09.02, 18:341#7490iwinulose09.02, 18:34, by #7490iwinulose
[sell][temporal boots][66/66][15k]08.29, 13:391#1209barbmaster08.29, 13:39, by #1209barbmaster
Sell (Temporal Boots)(35/35)(5k)08.29, 10:312ElvishW08.29, 12:22, by ElfPride
[Buy][Skeleton hatchet ,Goblin`s bludgeon and Centaur bow ]08.23, 15:36232Block08.23, 18:10, by ElfPride
[sell][druid items]08.22, 17:40132Block08.22, 17:40, by 32Block
[Sell][Thief items][60/60]08.21, 00:423#4201_Sworks_08.21, 19:48, by Pankaj_Kalra21
[Sell][Recruiter shield][90/90][45K]08.15, 03:505#1209Edwin08.17, 16:13, by #728Murali
[Buy] [aniversary pendants]08.14, 01:464Lord susliks12308.15, 15:26, by Lord susliks123
[Sell][Tactician Set][40/75][700k]07.28, 19:359warrior4908.03, 04:06, by #4201_Sworks_
[Sell][Tactician dagger][16/71] [5*10%][600000 gold]07.27, 18:0711#1209Arcanide08.02, 20:19, by #1209Arcanide
[Sell][Militant set][100/100][3.1KK]07.22, 23:084Kiskoko07.27, 20:43, by Kiskoko
[Sell][Tactician hatchet][74/75][53000 gold]07.19, 14:3910#4201virtual_vitrea07.27, 19:45, by #4201virtual_vitrea
[Sell][Thief Set][Various durability][120000 gold]07.26, 02:312#7490iwinulose07.26, 04:37, by #7490iwinulose
[Sell] Thief boots 60/6007.23, 01:033Canisten07.23, 01:07, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Apprentice necromancer set][100/100]07.22, 04:241grandemajestic07.22, 04:24, by grandemajestic
[Buy] [Thief dagger] [5*10] [550k]07.21, 17:142#1209Arcanide07.21, 21:01, by I_N_S_A_N_E
[sell] Tactician ring of wisdom [A12W12F12] 14/7507.20, 18:121Pegy07.20, 18:12, by Pegy
[Buy] Tactician ring of wisdom [A12W12F12] 14/7507.20, 18:101Pegy07.20, 18:10, by Pegy
[Sell][Militant set][100/100]07.13, 21:552Kiskoko07.14, 05:09, by ElfPride
[Sell] [Light Temporal Helmet] [49/80] [15015]07.03, 07:579Loafoant07.10, 07:31, by Loafoant
[sell][tactician war pendant][75/75][40,000]07.08, 18:402#7490Electivire07.09, 15:19, by #7490Electivire
[Sell][Mage instructor set][ 52/100] [6.5KK]07.04, 09:554atomUA07.06, 15:45, by atomUA

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