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[Buy][Snake Coil Ring][50/50][5000]01.01, 17:112Sven9101.01, 22:32, by Sven91
[Sell][Thief dagger] [E10A10W10F10][43/52][270000]01.01, 01:281#4201aRU01.01, 01:28, by #4201aRU
[Sell][Thief amulet][F1][38/45][17500]12.28, 12:232Lord spiral-doom12.29, 10:45, by Lord spiral-doom
[Sell][Light temporal helmet][60/71]12.20, 19:163JP_Alexander12.23, 20:10, by JP_Alexander
[Sell][rare arts][10-30k]12.21, 07:511seanckx12.21, 07:51, by seanckx
[Sell][Thief Dagger][54/59][10.5k]12.20, 13:081Anony-mouse12.20, 13:08, by Anony-mouse
[sell][Thief arts 0/x][220 gold each]12.12, 16:054Anony-mouse12.14, 22:34, by Anony-mouse
[Sell][Goblin bow][42/42][40k]12.14, 09:311#249poyk112.14, 09:31, by #249poyk1
[Sell][Thief Set][4450 gold]12.12, 14:452Lord spiral-doom12.12, 15:20, by Lord spiral-doom
[sell] [Thief Set [0/xx] 5000 gold12.08, 18:532#9595basion212.08, 19:38, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Triennial talisman ][9/12]12.06, 15:311comingsoon12.06, 15:31, by comingsoon
[Sell][Unholy knight blackshard][14/14][10k]12.02, 08:443#249poyk112.03, 13:32, by #249poyk1
[Sell][Temporal boots ][56/56]11.30, 09:0514#7490Lord STB12.03, 01:08, by #7490Lord STB
i buy Tactician band of force 75/7512.02, 22:482liakouras12.02, 23:38, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Unholy Knight Blackshard ][14/14]11.29, 07:5810ElfPride12.02, 08:00, by ElfPride
[Sell]Tribal stompers 100/10012.01, 21:442#104EvilLSanta12.01, 22:10, by Wertz
[sell][ogre club][38/38][28k gold]11.28, 16:271seanckx11.28, 16:27, by seanckx
[Sell][Second Anniversary luck pedant][Pm me with prices]11.28, 00:102MyDoom11.28, 07:16, by ElfPride
[buy][fifth anivesary star]11.25, 11:011seanckx11.25, 11:01, by seanckx
[sell] [ogre club] [38/38] [40k gold]11.23, 20:262seanckx11.24, 07:11, by seanckx
Tactician Jackboots11.23, 15:094English-King11.23, 15:54, by ElfPride
[Sell][Devil Axe][24/24]11.20, 22:372ElfPride11.22, 07:39, by ElfPride
[Sell][Six-faceted signet ring awarded to Arctic][56/56]11.17, 13:0810#4201Arctic11.20, 04:32, by #4201Arctic
[Sell][Recruiter Helmet][90/90][39.6k gold]11.16, 09:424Lord KD11.19, 12:03, by Lord KD
[Buy] [Thief Amulet] [60/60] [24k]11.15, 18:494Topseh11.18, 22:58, by Topseh
[Sell][Thief Arts][60/60]11.18, 07:211#1209barbmaster11.18, 07:21, by #1209barbmaster
[Sell][Thief Ring][60/60]11.17, 15:052_WaRlOrD_11.17, 15:22, by _WaRlOrD_
[Sell][Ogre club][15/15][4800 gold]11.15, 13:132Lord spiral-doom11.17, 13:47, by Lord spiral-doom
[Sell][lich crown][E3A3][39/39][45k]11.15, 20:342#7490iwinulose11.16, 16:30, by #7490iwinulose
[Buy][Thief Set][60/60][90k gold]11.15, 13:196#1209barbmaster11.16, 10:33, by #1209barbmaster

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