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Rare items


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Author Last message
[Sell] [Pirate frock] 22/32 [2500 gold]07.01, 21:461men in black07.01, 21:46, by men in black
[Sell][Leader Boots][47/47][30k]06.28, 11:391PLaY LikE a PRO06.28, 11:39, by PLaY LikE a PRO
[Sell][Light Leader Boots][66/66][60k]06.24, 11:371PLaY LikE a PRO06.24, 11:37, by PLaY LikE a PRO
[sell][Temporal signet-ring][49/49][16k]06.23, 10:281a100806.23, 10:28, by a1008
[SELL][Thief dagger][9/57][1000gold]06.16, 12:392paladinleader06.17, 10:45, by paladinleader
[Sell][Orc tyrant hatchet][25/25][15999]06.06, 18:115-_NO--NAME_-06.12, 09:15, by -_NO--NAME_-
[sell][Battlemagus guise][33/33][23000]06.10, 15:363warrior10006.11, 16:54, by warrior100
[Sell][Tactician jackboots][15k][]75/75]06.06, 18:042Stephen Clark06.06, 19:53, by Stephen Clark
[Sell][Tactician jackboots][15000]06.04, 18:382Stephen Clark06.05, 01:37, by MrBattleControl
[Sell] [Servant of Darkness Staff] [] [70/100] [Auction]05.21, 04:313Padparadscha05.23, 10:15, by #7490Lord STB
[Sell][Goblin bow][42/42][40000]05.10, 16:206#249poyk105.14, 15:53, by #249poyk1
[Sell][Various enchanted Artifacts] [Various Durability] [Various Prices]05.14, 07:102Xaelar05.14, 09:43, by Xaelar
[Sell][Leader's Shield][71/71]05.12, 12:174Stephen Clark05.12, 18:11, by ElfPride
[Sell][Lesser Temporal Signet Ring][53/53][10K]05.02, 13:191theperson05.02, 13:19, by theperson
[Sell][Temporal Signet-Ring][70/70][20K]05.02, 10:451Lord spiral-doom05.02, 10:45, by Lord spiral-doom
[Buy][Spell Damage Bonus Enchanted Magic Artifacts][Negotiate prices]04.28, 17:372K5isback04.29, 05:04, by ElfPride
[Sell][Recruiter sword][I10E10A10W10F10][53/85][400. 000]04.12, 13:447WoodBox04.23, 00:16, by WoodBox
[Sell][Various enchanted arts][Various durabilites][Various prices]04.21, 10:501Xaelar04.21, 10:50, by Xaelar
[Sell][Tactician bow][75/75][15500]04.20, 08:561ayush2004.20, 08:56, by ayush20
[Sell][Recruiter set][Price: 209000][90/9004.18, 08:015Angel of Death04.19, 17:27, by Wertz
[Sell][Temporal Artifacts] [Various Durability] [Various Prices]04.16, 18:195Black Fog04.19, 04:26, by Black Fog
[Sell][Goblin Bludgeon][22/22][10k]04.18, 23:361Trifles-v204.18, 23:36, by Trifles-v2
[Sell][Temporal Bow][38/38][10k]04.18, 23:341Trifles-v204.18, 23:34, by Trifles-v2
[Sell][Recruiter set][51/89][2,999,999]04.14, 16:011#1254Darkngs04.14, 16:01, by #1254Darkngs
[Sell][Mage Disciple Cape][100/100][210000]03.31, 23:062_CrackpoT_04.01, 07:16, by _CrackpoT_
[Sell] Tactician band of force 58/74 x204.01, 03:241Toriell04.01, 03:24, by Toriell
[Sell][Thief Daggers][ I10A10E10F10W10][0/10 and 0/11][1800 gold each]03.30, 21:411Wonderla03.30, 21:41, by Wonderla
[Buy][Temporal arts][80/80][Various Prices]03.26, 14:102#7705death2all03.26, 15:03, by #7705death2all
[Sell][Various arts]03.22, 12:281narutoayan03.22, 12:28, by narutoayan
[Sell][3 Temporal Artifacts]03.21, 13:101ECLYPSE03.21, 13:10, by ECLYPSE

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