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[Sell][Shield of dungeons][70/70][30000 gold]05.25, 20:583#1209Mega Demon05.27, 11:41, by #1209Mega Demon
[SELL] [Great Temporal Robe] [60/60] [26k]05.16, 20:581jackdawkins05.16, 20:58, by jackdawkins
[SELL] [Recruiter sword] [I10E10A10W10F10] [80/88] [180k]05.09, 15:371Slust05.09, 15:37, by Slust
[Exchange][Thief Dagger for Thief Ring][60/60]05.06, 13:052#1209Santremus05.08, 03:14, by #1209Santremus
[Sell][Plunderer Crossbow][5/56][I10A10W10F10][90k]04.27, 22:343Darkk Kknight05.02, 00:20, by Darkk Kknight
[Sell][Temporal staff][90/90][97500]04.25, 22:057#1209Mega Demon04.29, 15:50, by #1209Mega Demon
[Sell][Sword of cold][0/62][I1A2W2F2][10k]04.23, 15:364Mr Aivaras04.25, 18:50, by Mr Aivaras
[Sell] [Great Temporal Staff] [51/51] [20000 Gold]04.23, 20:313Lord KD04.24, 14:20, by Lord KD
[Sell][Temporal Staff][89/89][120000]04.23, 21:421Darkk Kknight04.23, 21:42, by Darkk Kknight
[Sell] [Various durability Pirate Arts] [Various Price]04.13, 19:012mikethruler04.15, 14:19, by mikethruler
[Sell][Elves Dagger][70/70][100k]04.12, 20:362#1519ninjagomaster04.13, 19:22, by #1519ninjagomaster
[sell][temporal boots][63/75][50,000]04.10, 19:541#7705Knight Walker04.10, 19:54, by #7705Knight Walker
[Sell] [Thief Dagger] [60/60] [8000 Gold]04.08, 16:382Lord KD04.08, 22:32, by Lord KD
[Sell] [Plunderer Shiv] [60/60] [23k gold]03.27, 13:101Seth9503.27, 13:10, by Seth95
[Sell][Sword of cold] [I1A2W2F2][10k]03.27, 08:241Mr Aivaras03.27, 08:24, by Mr Aivaras
[Sell][Sword of cold][0/62][9k]03.23, 19:061Mr Aivaras03.23, 19:06, by Mr Aivaras
[Sell] [Thief Crossbow] [Full Dura] [9000 Golds]02.08, 21:323Ipsen02.11, 15:28, by Ipsen
[Buy][Thief Amulet, 0/X]02.01, 15:575Enma Ai02.03, 07:36, by Wonderla
[Sell] [Cube of Destiny] [0/41] 250 gold01.31, 18:041mlodypistolet01.31, 18:04, by mlodypistolet
[Buy][Troglodyte spear][High durability]01.26, 03:462Aurelija01.26, 21:41, by Aurelija
[Sell] [Cube of Destiny] [0/41] 300 gold01.26, 20:201mlodypistolet01.26, 20:20, by mlodypistolet
[sell][thief crossbow][60/60] [8000 gold]01.20, 12:462ElvishW01.21, 01:27, by ElvishW
[Sell] [Imperial Order 5th Grade 47/47] 29k01.14, 14:002thomas1401.14, 14:00, by thomas14
Sell[General`s signet-ring 23/23]01.13, 10:312Lord susliks12301.13, 10:31, by Lord susliks123
[sell][sword of cold][I1][75/85][69k]01.08, 18:562DevilTD01.08, 20:05, by DevilTD
[SELL][Temporal signet-ring][46/46][35k]01.01, 15:123Wizy01.03, 22:55, by Wizy
[sell][thief crossbow][60/60]01.02, 07:163DevilTD01.03, 19:05, by Stupefy
[Sell][Pirate Cloak]12.31, 20:291Aurelija12.31, 20:29, by Aurelija
[Sell][Presents]12.28, 19:133#9595legend-bouc12.29, 01:51, by #7490Meshy
[Sell][Inquisitor set]12.12, 11:2813Elf-killer12.26, 08:50, by Elf-killer

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