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Rare items


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Sell][Temporal set] [80/80] [1.3kk]08.22, 15:221grandemajestic08.22, 15:22, by grandemajestic
[Sell][Light Temporal set] [80/80] [1.1kk]08.22, 15:211grandemajestic08.22, 15:21, by grandemajestic
[sell][temporal dagger][79/79][50k]08.22, 13:282#1209latviesu lords08.22, 13:49, by #1209latviesu lords
[buy] [Rare items][x/xxx] [various enchants] [50k-200k]08.10, 23:182#8160lord fallen08.11, 19:57, by Wertz
[sell][Tactician Jackboots][75/75][19k]07.30, 13:384a100808.04, 08:30, by a1008
[sell][Tactician helmets][75-71/75][20 950-19 000]08.02, 14:191Slust08.02, 14:19, by Slust
[sell][lich crown][0/20][6000 gold]07.30, 18:361guyb07.30, 18:36, by guyb
[Sell][Inquisitor mantlet][77/100][200k]07.29, 16:331drachenflame07.29, 16:33, by drachenflame
[BUY][Merchant's boots][x/x][<120 cpb]07.16, 14:282Lady sofiouta07.17, 20:22, by Ipsen
[Buy][Bow of light]07.13, 17:323morticia07.14, 13:08, by Wertz
[Sell][Thief Mask][0/75][150 Golds]07.11, 20:391Ipsen07.11, 20:39, by Ipsen
Sell 2 sulivurg armour 15/15 13/1506.22, 09:173silican0106.22, 23:27, by Wertz
[sell] [unholy knight helmet] [0/23] [2000 gold]06.15, 01:511guyb06.15, 01:51, by guyb
[sell] [paladin and templar shield] [100/100] [270k each]06.09, 18:311Bantex06.09, 18:31, by Bantex
[sell] [temporal robe] [78/78] [40k]06.01, 16:074#9595Elvian06.05, 10:20, by #9595Elvian
[sell][magic temporal helmet]05.27, 18:231chikish05.27, 18:23, by chikish
[Sell] Order of Peace 3rd grade [W1]53/5805.16, 17:442#414Herr Karsomir05.16, 22:52, by Wertz
[Sell][Various Event Artifacts][Selling Price Varies]05.14, 02:055Wonderla05.14, 22:36, by Wonderla
[Sell][Cape of Flame][40/40][45k]05.03, 01:101Fair Play05.03, 01:10, by Fair Play
[Sell][Various artifacts]04.26, 13:492#7490ElfMoon04.27, 06:03, by #7490ElfMoon
[Sell][Flask of health][40/60][14k]04.17, 09:003a100804.19, 00:09, by a1008
[Buy] [Mage instructor overshoes] [100/100] [1.3kk]04.12, 18:242DezOneFy04.13, 06:44, by DezOneFy
[Sell][Flask of health][40/60][15k]04.08, 22:072a100804.09, 19:49, by a1008
[BUY] [Survilurg Magical Helmet] [70/70(+)] [200K(+)]04.05, 20:321nytyn04.05, 20:32, by nytyn
[BUY] [Survilurg Magical Helmet] [60/60(+)] [200K(+)]04.05, 19:541nytyn04.05, 19:54, by nytyn
[buy][temporal artifacts][3-20k]03.29, 04:261noobykids03.29, 04:26, by noobykids
[sell] [Great temporal helmet] [80/80] [200k]03.28, 13:052Skoczek03.28, 14:33, by Skoczek
[Sell][Ranger sword][70/70][120k]negotiable price03.27, 17:591yick03.27, 17:59, by yick
[Buy][Survilurg mantle][80\80][500-600k]03.21, 09:442Liubofu03.23, 12:38, by Liubofu
[Sell][Recruiter set][7/89][1,699,999]03.19, 08:341#1254Darkngs03.19, 08:34, by #1254Darkngs

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