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[Buy] Thief arts with various durability09.22, 18:348Lord _force_09.25, 20:57, by Lord _force_
[SELL] Thief set 41/60 550k09.18, 15:305Lord ribua09.25, 14:45, by Lord ribua
Sell many thief arts with cheap prices09.14, 13:388darkelf8409.25, 13:45, by wizard239
[SELL] used Thief cloak09.25, 11:522Lord LORD_Destruktor09.25, 12:59, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
Sell Thief Crossbow 60/60 - 42000 gold09.24, 18:092KnightSlayer09.25, 12:18, by KnightSlayer
{wts} thief mask armor boots /all 3 at once/09.22, 09:417dziadu09.25, 11:49, by Lord LORD_Destruktor
[SELL] used Thief cloak09.23, 08:493Lord LORD_Destruktor09.25, 06:16, by dziadu
[Sell] thief arts09.12, 19:4936#4201SwitchBlad309.23, 11:03, by #4201SwitchBlad3
Buy, Sell, Exchange all thief arts09.13, 16:4322#7279Lord binghuo09.23, 00:57, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Sell] Used Thief Ring 1/59 durability 74k gold09.22, 11:503KnightSlayer09.22, 18:29, by KnightSlayer
[SELL] Thief crossbow 57/60[A1] VERY cheap09.21, 20:329#7279Fire-Soul09.21, 22:44, by #7279Fire-Soul
[Sell] Thief Amulets, prices lower than market09.19, 13:3410Lord _force_09.21, 17:19, by Lord _force_
2nd anniversary necklace09.21, 16:081jpravin09.21, 16:08, by jpravin
[Sell] Thief dagger [E9A9] 60/6009.15, 19:5815Lord Danzi09.20, 20:04, by Lord Toshiro
[selling] Thief ring and dagger for 1g! on market NOW!09.17, 20:125Lady -P3nnyw1se-09.19, 11:18, by Lady -P3nnyw1se-
[Buy] all thief arts09.18, 09:262Lord Gamr09.18, 11:57, by Vallaria
[Sell] thief arts09.17, 22:231Anton-5509.17, 22:23, by Anton-55
Sell[Thief Ring] dura 60/6009.07, 08:2024Lord moro8809.17, 13:16, by Lord _force_
Sell thief cloak 60/6009.17, 08:511wizard23909.17, 08:51, by wizard239
Very cheap thief ring and thief dagger on market!09.14, 06:422Lady -P3nnyw1se-09.16, 19:33, by Lord _force_
sell thief arts09.03, 16:3314darkelf8409.14, 08:58, by darkelf84
[Sell] Every Thief Art09.09, 06:448#7279Lord binghuo09.13, 15:43, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Buy] all thief art(s)09.09, 17:115#7279Lord binghuo09.13, 15:23, by #7279Lord binghuo
selling my thief arts09.13, 14:061Demonstriker09.13, 14:06, by Demonstriker
[Sell] Thief crossbow [22/56] for 20k09.10, 02:063#7279Lord binghuo09.12, 17:11, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Sell] used thief set09.10, 09:4511Lord odyn09.12, 09:27, by Lord odyn
[SELL] Thief Boots 37/52 for 21.00009.12, 09:231LITWIN09.12, 09:23, by LITWIN
Selling thief amulet 60/6009.09, 23:123Darkwalker2909.11, 10:52, by Darkwalker29
[SELL] Used thief arts09.10, 21:051Lord Erketengo09.10, 21:05, by Lord Erketengo
Sell Thief dagger [I10E10A10W10]09.06, 13:168darkelf8409.10, 16:13, by darkelf84

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