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Smiths and Enchanters services


Topic Date
Author Last message
[Weaponsmith][5x12][Armorer][5x7]03.13, 20:3122SonMike04.07, 07:05, by SonMike
[Repair][90%][101% repair cost]11.30, 10:29101SonMike04.07, 07:01, by SonMike
[Repair][90%][102-105% costs]02.26, 00:338#7490Theatre Of Pain03.07, 13:02, by vicky666
[Repair][80%][77-83% cost]01.28, 06:271SwiftGirl01.28, 06:27, by SwiftGirl
[repair][10%][10% of the normal reapir price]01.23, 17:111Dasher01.23, 17:11, by Dasher
[Jewelcrafter][3x5] [Paying back 200 gold for each element]01.04, 00:146astorgate01.15, 16:31, by astorgate
[Weaponsmith][3x6] [Paying back 200 gold for each element]01.03, 17:366astorgate01.15, 16:25, by astorgate
[Repair][50%][50% cost]12.04, 15:3251angela8801.12, 03:29, by angela88
[Repair][10% Efficiency][10% Cost]01.02, 21:051Fhyreon01.02, 21:05, by Fhyreon
[Weaponsmith][5x12][Elements]12.20, 15:141#15SunnyTAR12.20, 15:14, by #15SunnyTAR
[repair] [80%] [75%cost]10.21, 07:5381#5722Edwin12.05, 18:57, by #5722Edwin
[Armorer][3x7][Paying back 500 gold for each element]11.18, 01:368#1209Arcanide11.25, 14:24, by vicky666
[Weaponsmith][3x8][Paying back 250 gold for each element]11.16, 02:0110#1209Arcanide11.24, 21:29, by #1209Arcanide
[Armor][4x10][Elements only]10.25, 15:435Lord Almer10.30, 11:42, by Lord Almer
[Weaponsmith][4x10][Pay back 100 gold for each element set]10.07, 15:1310Konan_D10.16, 08:11, by Konan_D
[Weaponsmith][2x6][Paying back 500 gold for each element]10.02, 00:2555#1209Arcanide10.15, 01:27, by CertifiedRogue
[Repair][70%][66-72% cost]10.13, 23:053SwiftGirl10.14, 19:20, by SwiftGirl
[Repair][10%][100% costs]10.03, 18:401Skarbonke10.03, 18:40, by Skarbonke
[repair] [80%] [90%cost]08.27, 18:5620#5722Edwin09.25, 16:17, by #5722Edwin
[Repair][10%][FREEcost]08.22, 08:081Stephen Clark08.22, 08:08, by Stephen Clark
[Weaponsmith][4x10][Armorer][4x5][P aybacks]08.11, 01:307JT_Monroe08.17, 21:53, by JT_Monroe
[Weaponsmith][2x5] [Armorer][2x5[Paying back 200 gold for each element]]07.09, 17:0917astorgate08.15, 23:40, by astorgate
[Weaponsmith][3x9][Pay back 250 gold for each element set]08.11, 12:275Konan_D08.13, 10:21, by Konan_D
[Repair][50%][44-50% cost]07.31, 01:588SwiftGirl08.07, 23:00, by #7279GGW
[Weaponsmith][3x8][Pay back 400 gold for each element set]07.20, 17:5011Konan_D07.31, 08:49, by Konan_D
[Repair][90%][102%cost]04.02, 06:3754china_blue9907.30, 09:54, by vicky666
[Repair][90%][103% costs]04.12, 03:1148#7705death2all07.28, 23:24, by astorgate
[repair] [70%] [70%cost]05.21, 21:1156#5722Edwin07.15, 14:34, by #5722Edwin
[Weaponsmith][2x4] [Armorer][2x4]02.06, 19:3674astorgate07.06, 00:02, by astorgate
[Weaponsmith][5x11][Elements]05.17, 10:421#15SunnyTAR05.17, 10:42, by #15SunnyTAR

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