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Buying Fernflower 8000g each... moonstone 5500g each PM!10.24, 12:433Lady -P3nnyw1se-10.25, 22:41, by Lady -P3nnyw1se-
BUY TGI10.21, 14:513#6109Lord Hireling10.25, 13:00, by #6109Lord Hireling
Selling My Clans10.24, 18:367Blue-Boy10.24, 20:51, by Blue-Boy
Buy TGI 600k10.20, 19:348FUGYUS10.24, 18:03, by FUGYUS
Buying Fern flower, moonstones PM your price!10.22, 18:471Lady -P3nnyw1se-10.22, 18:47, by Lady -P3nnyw1se-
[SELL] elements, thief dagger and cloak10.22, 15:181El-Sheighul10.22, 15:18, by El-Sheighul
Sell TGI for cheapest price10.22, 13:501darkelf8410.22, 13:50, by darkelf84
Loan10.22, 12:061Lord_Cromwell10.22, 12:06, by Lord_Cromwell
[Buy] TGI10.22, 11:411God_of_LWM10.22, 11:41, by God_of_LWM
[Buy] Crystals [369]10.21, 16:112Lord _force_10.21, 21:07, by #7705Lord naviron
Sell elements at lowest price10.11, 16:3117#7279Lord binghuo10.21, 16:12, by #7279Lord binghuo
Buy TGI10.21, 12:381darkelf8410.21, 12:38, by darkelf84
[buy] all elements10.19, 11:278Wizzard10.20, 18:22, by Wizzard
Sell TGI for cheapest price10.19, 14:265darkelf8410.20, 10:59, by darkelf84
[buy] all elements and resources10.15, 17:316#7279Lord binghuo10.20, 06:07, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Sell] elements, market price - 2%10.19, 18:581Vitovt10.19, 18:58, by Vitovt
[BUY] TGI10.04, 18:3219#6109Lord Hireling10.18, 16:39, by #6109Lord Hireling
buy TGI10.18, 06:182_Arabeska_10.18, 14:47, by Lord Toshiro
[Buy]Fire crystal 3000, Tiger`s claw 5000, Resources 182/36410.18, 14:451Lord _force_10.18, 14:45, by Lord _force_
[Buy] Fire crystal 2700, Tiger`s claw 450010.14, 15:1110Lord _force_10.18, 13:54, by Lord _force_
Fu*ck10.18, 10:191WhiteArctic10.18, 10:19, by WhiteArctic
Give me your >>TGI<<10.17, 17:382#9595Lord xxxSaber10.17, 20:34, by #9595Lord xxxSaber
Buy TGI, Estates ...10.15, 12:492Lord Rezotto10.17, 17:50, by Lord Rezotto
buy TGI10.17, 12:491Lord _ARMENIA_10.17, 12:49, by Lord _ARMENIA_
[Buy] *All Elements* (ie. MS=3000, TC=5250) come in an look10.17, 08:492#4201Lord Khellendros10.17, 10:17, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Sales of elements at good fixed prices10.15, 04:502#7705Lord BrownBear10.17, 07:37, by #7705Lord BrownBear
[buy] Windflower 620010.17, 05:471Lord BoJIoD9I10.17, 05:47, by Lord BoJIoD9I
{sell}selling TG(tiger claw)10.15, 15:121#5390hozz10.15, 15:12, by #5390hozz
Buy and sell Thief invitation (TGI)10.09, 11:398darkelf8410.15, 13:43, by darkelf84
[BUY] TGI10.15, 11:521karabas11110.15, 11:52, by karabas111

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