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Sell elements at lowest price09.19, 22:3739#7279Lord binghuo10.11, 06:22, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Buy] Estate10.10, 20:271KnightSlayer10.10, 20:27, by KnightSlayer
[Sell] TGI10.01, 18:3611Lady Anlain10.10, 20:03, by Lord Toshiro
[BUY] TGI09.29, 20:0873#4201SwitchBlad310.10, 19:58, by #4201SwitchBlad3
buy clan10.09, 21:422glp1210.10, 19:02, by glp12
[Buy] Windflowers 6220, Meterite shards 3420, limited offer10.09, 10:1514Lord _force_10.10, 15:52, by Lord _force_
Buy Fern flower 1200010.10, 14:561darkelf8410.10, 14:56, by darkelf84
Where do I get Diamonds from?10.10, 10:092Chrizn10.10, 10:12, by Lord Johan_Smith
[Buy] *All Elements* (ie. MS=3400, TC=5750) come in an look10.08, 11:2614#4201Lord Khellendros10.10, 09:38, by #4201Lord Khellendros
[buy] Windflower 620010.09, 08:173Lord BoJIoD9I10.10, 04:58, by Lord BoJIoD9I
sell thief amulet and thief crossbow 60/6010.10, 00:071darkelf8410.10, 00:07, by darkelf84
Buy TGI, Estates ...10.05, 19:334Lord Rezotto10.09, 19:05, by Lord Rezotto
[BUY] Elements - good prices10.08, 17:594Lord zzLEXAzz10.09, 16:33, by Lord zzLEXAzz
[Buy] Elements & Resources . *BEST OFFERS* Fast10.07, 08:4120Lord _force_10.09, 09:16, by Lord _force_
[buy] Tiger`s claw 550010.09, 03:012Lord BoJIoD9I10.09, 07:26, by Lord BoJIoD9I
[buy] Windflower 600010.05, 20:566Lord BoJIoD9I10.09, 07:25, by Lord BoJIoD9I
{Buy} Elements(abrasive, meteorite, fire cristal,windflower)10.08, 11:511Lord V_ROD10.08, 11:51, by Lord V_ROD
[Buy] *All Elements* (ie. MS=3350, TC=5750) come in an look10.06, 13:0210#4201Lord Khellendros10.08, 08:57, by #4201Lord Khellendros
[Buy] Elements & Resources 183/367. *BEST OFFERS* Fast10.05, 13:1217Lord _force_10.07, 07:46, by Lord _force_
buy TGI10.06, 08:381_Arabeska_10.06, 08:38, by _Arabeska_
[Buy] Elements & Resources 182/364. *BEST OFFERS* Fast10.05, 12:322#4201Lord Khellendros10.05, 22:50, by #4201SwitchBlad3
[Buy] Elements & Resources 182/363. *BEST OFFERS* Fast10.05, 11:451Lord _force_10.05, 11:45, by Lord _force_
[Buy] Elements + Resources 181/362. Best prices! Very quick!10.04, 21:093#4201Lord Khellendros10.05, 11:36, by #4201Lord Khellendros
[Buy] Elements & Resources 181/361. *BEST OFFERS* Fast.10.01, 11:2829Lord _force_10.05, 10:45, by Lord _force_
[Buy] Your Elements. Best prices. Very quickly.09.01, 12:2127Lord hunter10.05, 07:26, by Lord hunter
[Sell] Elements, lower than market09.25, 17:4818Lord _force_10.04, 17:44, by Lord _force_
[BUY] TGI09.30, 11:185sefarius10.04, 17:42, by Lady Anlain
[Buy] TGI10.02, 15:323Lord hunter10.04, 17:40, by Lady Anlain
[Buy] Your Elements. Best prices. Very quickly.10.02, 15:341Lord hunter10.02, 15:34, by Lord hunter
[Sell] TGI10.02, 04:584God5end10.02, 12:18, by coolahed

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