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[WTB] Windflowers, Metorite shard, Crystals (5000,3050x2)06.13, 16:004Lady -P3nnyw1se-06.14, 06:08, by Lady -P3nnyw1se-
[Buy]elements06.12, 09:432MOGUGA06.14, 04:36, by MOGUGA
[buy] 50 crystal06.13, 02:151#7279Lord binghuo06.13, 02:15, by #7279Lord binghuo
[Buy] Fern flowers 10 000 for each06.12, 11:071Lord _force_06.12, 11:07, by Lord _force_
Analyze06.09, 16:357narutoayan06.12, 05:04, by narutoayan
[Buy] Windflower - 505006.04, 23:528#7279Lady zure06.11, 02:56, by #7279Lady zure
[Buy] Fire Crystal for 300006.10, 08:191#7102krok06.10, 08:19, by #7102krok
Buying Elements!06.06, 15:297Lord ZenoMX06.09, 09:43, by Lord ZenoMX
Wood, Crystals06.08, 10:551RainB0w06.08, 10:55, by RainB0w
[Sell] TGI06.04, 17:4619Lord togort06.08, 05:42, by Lord togort
{sell} 49 sulfur cheap06.04, 20:4912#4201manufc21999r06.07, 16:12, by #4201manufc21999r
[Buy] Fern flowers05.29, 03:5413Lady Straws06.07, 02:58, by Lady Straws
>>>>Wood and ore = 181g<<<<06.06, 00:091RainB0w06.06, 00:09, by RainB0w
[Buy] Elements06.04, 07:441#7181Lord MasterTI06.04, 07:44, by #7181Lord MasterTI
[Buy] Fern flowers *Better price*05.31, 11:027Lord Jeverag06.04, 02:29, by Lord Moonhunter
[Buy] Shards + Venoms **Best Prices**05.29, 06:0915#7181Lord MasterTI06.04, 02:26, by Lord Moonhunter
Cheap Elemnts which cost a lot of gold06.03, 19:281conna06.03, 19:28, by conna
[Buy] Elements05.24, 17:2622Nutella06.03, 07:44, by Nutella
[SELL] clan06.02, 15:483bobcat5406.03, 05:04, by bobcat54
[Servis] Raise your order05.30, 11:543Lady NACHFIN06.02, 19:50, by Lady NACHFIN
Avatar - Service Cheap06.01, 11:181RainB0w06.01, 11:18, by RainB0w
[Sell] Fern flower05.31, 06:217KingwarX06.01, 06:58, by KingwarX
[Buy] [Meteorite shard 3100]06.01, 06:431#4201Lord Khellendros06.01, 06:43, by #4201Lord Khellendros
Selling...05.31, 18:062ItzPanda9905.31, 18:11, by ItzPanda99
Selling 221 sulfur on 369 gold for each05.28, 10:288Lord SapJla3H05.30, 19:59, by Lord SapJla3H
[Buy] TGI for 700k05.30, 12:351coolahed05.30, 12:35, by coolahed
[Buy] TGI for 760k05.29, 13:022Lord Transurfer05.30, 10:58, by Lord Transurfer
[Buy] TGI for 735k05.29, 10:531Lord Transurfer05.29, 10:53, by Lord Transurfer
Selling the EXCLUSIVE Element05.27, 20:236nobodiez05.29, 08:06, by #7181Lord MasterTI
fire crystal on market for sale05.29, 05:542avi_cool05.29, 06:22, by avi_cool

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