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  Real Estate

Besides the combat component, "Lords of War and Money" game has a ramified economic model. The Administration is constantly giving it thought. Mining and machining the resources, manufacturing goods and trading them bring diversity into the game world, allow the players to influence it. Economics and battles are two related game elements that complement each other. Raw materials are used to raise castle constructions, to recruit high level creatures and, naturally, to produce goods.

At the moment, the game map represents a square divided into several sections. Initially, the user only has access to a tiny piece of "Lords W&M" world. Furthermore, lots of constructions aren't developed and raised yet; some of the existing ones are only accessed by experienced high-level players. Anticipating a little, we would like to notice that the game's particular point is the absence of any limits in character's development. Skillful traders can become significant magnates with production networks, eliminating their foes not only in combat, but also resorting to economic sanctions and monopolies.

Below you will find a short description of the main construction types. Note that the guide is only intended for general familiarization. The player is supposed to get acquainted with all the subtleties of real estate while developing the character.

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