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Private mail serves as individual hidden communication media between any two characters. The commodity of communication time and place is the lack of necessity to "catch" your interlocutor in the chat. Thanks to private mail, your message will stay private and will not get lost among messages of other characters, as it would do at the forum. Finally, the message receiver always has an option to instantly reply to a message.

To view your private mail, click "Private mail" at the Character main page. The mailbox content is divided into two parts - inbox and outbox. These lists are presented as tables that display: the sender or receiver of the message, date and time of sending, message subject. All mail is sorted by date and time of sending.

Any message can be selected by checking the check boxes before the message date. Then, by clicking "Delete selected" in the lower part of the table, you can delete unnecessary mail. You can select all the messages displayed at the page by clicking "Select all". Inbox has also flag signs that allow you to mark important messages. To read a message, just click its title. A brief history of correspondence will be displayed below.

You may send a private message to any player in two different ways. First is to click at the inbox page and fill in the necessary forms (Receiver nickname, subject, text). The other is to find the profile of the character you want to write to, and click "Write a message". When new messages arrive to your inbox, a "You have got a new private message!" sign will appear next to the Character link.

The Administration reminds you that general game rules apply to usage of private mail as well. Please make sure to get acquainted with the game rules in the corresponding section.

Should you wish to complain about a rule violation by your correspondence partner, reply to the letter and replace his or her nick with "Insults". This way the Administration will get acquainted with the original letter you are complaining about. Do not post the letter, or the link to the letter, at the forum.
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