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  Production works

Nowadays the most spread real estate is production works. As the game world is developed, new constructions will appear - neutral (marketplaces, harbors etc.) or those necessary for character growth (magical obelisks, schools of wizardry etc.). All the production works make up a complex including raw mats mining, their consequent machining in dedicated shops and finally, production of necessity goods.


In one way or another, all production in the game consists of seven basic elements: Wood, Ore, Mercury, Sulfur, Crystals, Gems, Leather. They are mined at: Sawmill, Ore pit, Lab, Sulfur dune, Crystal cavern, Gem mine, Farm respectively. Varying manufacture cost provides differing prices for the raw materials. The amount of characters' gold and resources owned is displayed in the top part of the game screen.
Mining facilities usually offer lowest salary, however, a large number of posts is usually available.


Steel, Nickel and Magic powder are produced from raw materials at Steel works, Nickel works and Magic factory respectively. Manufacturing those goods takes more time, they cost more, than raw materials, and, naturally, the wage at such facilities is higher. An experienced laborer knows that trading raw mats to such facilities increases his or her workers' chances to enroll there and get a high wage.


According to the Administration's idea, most of the Shop artifacts are also manufactured in production facilities. Prices for the production goods are exceptionally formed by the market, and the owner chooses production options all by oneself. Raw materials, labor and time necessary for creation of those artifacts is displayed at the facility page.
Production facilities usually utilize raw mats, like wood or ore for keeping furnace at flame, as well as steel, nickel and magic powder - as the base material. Bid prices for primary resources are usually highest at such facilities, as the wage in fact is, too.

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