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The Administration pays attention to traffic saving problems for low speed broadband connections and mobile Internet.

Average traffic consumption lies between 0.5 to 1.5 MB / hour. We recommend using browsers Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer they are best for caching data and reducing traffic consumption. If you prefer a different browser and wish to use it for playing, please make sure that the browser and Flash player are both up to date. The latter may be updated here.

One of the most important traffic saving factor is GZIP (server data compression) - this function is extremely widespread all over the web, and our project is no exception. But please note that several Firewall systems prohibit compression by default. As a result, a text page of 300 Kb is loaded as is, while having GZIP active makes it 5-10 times less. It is a huge difference if your connection is low and especially if you pay for traffic.

To find out whether or not your browser supports GZIP, please follow this link.
If it does, you will get a message confirming it. If you don't, please familiarize yourself with the section below.

Enabling GZIP in Firewall systems.

The following programs are known to cause problems with GZIP:
1. Outpost Firewall
2. AdMuncher, Naviscope etc.

1) Outpost Firewall:
Enabling in Outpost Firewall
Click Start, Run..., then type regedit
or launch it manually: C:\WINDOWS\regedit.exe

In the new window, select: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Agnitum/Outpost Firewall
In the right section, find Enablegzipencoding, and change the value to 1. (right click the line, click Change, type "1". Do not change the numeral system. Click OK).

Close the registry editor and reboot PC.

2) Adware blocker programs like AdMuncher, Naviscope disable many ad banners to save traffic. However, in our case we recommend disabling them, despite their possible reports about saving traffic in game. There are no ad banners in LordsWM. Some of these programs fail to identify ad banners correctly in compressed page code, so they force disable GZIP.
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