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#7695 The Dungeon

 69 heroes

 » Leader: _TheShaman_
 » Deputy: Pankaj_Kalra21

 » Log

~~Welcome to our clan~~
This clan is only for skillful and great players!

This clan was created to bring together all elite lords of the empire. Though less in number compared to the vast empire, we possess incredible talent to overcome any hurdle in our way. From intelligence to tactics on the battlefield, we showcase it all when needed. Come join the motion to prove the world that you’re worth it!

To join our elite group, contact Pankaj_kalra21, _TheShaman_ [more to be added soon, contact the leader to become a recruiter]
The requirements to join the clan are as follows:
-Level 5 or higher
-Speak English
-Have a healthy financial status
-Accept to pay 1700 gold (As joining fee)
No multies allowed

~~Future plans~~
-Upgrading to MC (Maybe after some renovation)
-PvP tournament
-Recruiting enchanters and smiths into the clan
-joining Skype group to be compulsory

-To have faith in yourself. To have the confidence and courage to believe in yourself and overcome any hurdle in your path!
-To maintain a level of dignity and discipline in the game. To uplift the reputation of the clan!
-To show teamwork and helpfulness in any case!

~~Clan Services~~
[Under construction]


~~ Some useful links~~
1. Complete guide of the game (unofficial fan site): www.lordswm.org
2. Legal Script to use from Warriors Guild: http://www.warriors-guild.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=374

Hope they can be useful for you, and u can explore more information about the game.
Have a nice time in the clan. We try to bring you the best gaming experience.
And remember to always play fair and be active (inactive players will be evicted without exceptions and hesitation).

1.Offline Pankaj_Kalra21 15 The Emperor's Bravery 
2.Offline sarliharrish 12 The Far Seer 
3.Offline ZepTraL 17 The Emperor's Forest Keeper 
4.Offline survive 10 The Emperor's Arch Devil 
5.Offline koushik_great 11 The Emperor's Forest Brethern 
6.Offline Netabenna 9 The Emperor's Dark Magician and Nanny 
7.Offline Kingsid 10  
8.Offline #4201Pantheon 001 15  
9.Offline #7365ipslne 14  
10.Offline Sergor 13  
11.Offline sjb50 11  
12.Offline #7279I_am_yes 11  
13.Offline #9595merlin36 17 The Emperor's Spellcaster 
14.Offline Lady misaisagona 11  
15.Offline joechue 9 The Emperor's Failure 
16.Offline _TheShaman_ 14 The Emperor's of The Dungeon 
17.Offline Crazyfroggy 9  
18.Offline EndWiggin 11 The Emperor's Court Jester 
19.Offline Pfuetze 10  
20.Offline carlos888 12  
21.Offline lighting-fast 7  
22.Offline saksham-4 10  
23.Offline blazingarpit 12  
24.Offline -_NO--NAME_- 13  
25.Offline Acron 5 Emperor's bloodlusty weapon 
26.Offline Silent1 14  
27.Offline Shurakai alThor 15  
28.Offline warrior_war 6 The Emperor's Pet 
29.Offline inw_asac 15  
30.Offline hero10 7  
31.Offline __n3cro__ 6  
32.Offline Dbest 11 Romeo of the Empire 
33.Offline VRBack 11  
34.Offline Charlizard 6  
35.Offline mankatha 8  
36.Offline Topseh 14  
37.Offline Sohini 10  
38.Offline ababil 7 The Emperor's avenger 
39.Offline Lady Barabara 12  
40.Offline vansh-knight 13  
41.Offline tanaykharche 6  
42.Offline Lord Hallion91 15  
43.Offline andrew3333 5  
44.Offline Dragon Eater 13  
45.Offline Elf_Guardian 7  
46.Offline ritik11 8  
47.Offline A_E 6  
48.Offline Lord Decrous 13 Zenomx's serial hug muffin 
49.Offline #9595Niranjan 17  
50.Offline Lord MightyBee 9  
51.Offline Lord Apocalyptum 12  
52.Offline joshyyoman 14  
53.Offline nobodiez 12  
54.Offline Roars-Of-Night 10  
55.Offline #7153Lord RicHunter 15  
56.Offline Gaara 14  
57.Offline Skunder 9  
58.Offline simbakitty 12  
59.Offline #7102urka 12  
60.Offline #4201cakur 14  
61.Offline MasJacK 8  
62.Offline Thrill 9  
63.Offline neell 5  
64.Offline Lord bouc 7  
65.Offline CineCrystal 14  
66.Offline Konan_D 17  
67.Offline Ur_End_Is_Here 13  
68.Offline JustTuna 9  
69.Offline devilhunts 7  
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