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What's "Initiative"? Read to learn


AuthorWhat's "Initiative"? Read to learn
ok there was 5 elven bowmen and another 5 split on the other team my (team)
was 10 not split and the owner of them had a love heart sheild or sumthin wich gave an inivate bonus and the two fives went 1st why is that?
hello all
please let me know how initiative can be increase.
18 and 19:

But why does skeleton almost always go b4 elf bow? Shouldnt the elf bow go first most of the time (more initiative)?
Let's say, there are 3 runners, each in their own running row. They will be running in laps until we don't need them any more ~_~

Thats a great analogy
Going to add though, a track might not have been the best idea, as the outer lanes are longer than the inner ones X.x
At the start of a combat all units have a deviation of 0% to 10% so the 10 stack of elven bowmen could have had a deviation of 0% while the 2 stacks of 5 could of had a deviation closer to 10%. After that the initiative of units starts affecting their position on the initiative bar.

Initiative can be increased by equiping certain artifacts (i.e. hunter's shirt, hunter's hat) or by increasing your level for certain guilds, like theifs guild or reaching a racial level of 9.
IMHO, i think having a random deviation makes the gameplay to not balance with items & effects in game. The deviation should only kick in for units with the same initiative and not all. Or else, why bother buying arts with 2% additional initiative when your placement is all but a roll of the dice?
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