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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
this thread is getting dull
Watch out, vet. The Demo- err..Shebali's gonna see this soon O.o
Seen already :P
If he thinks thread is dull, he can try to make it more fun ;)
lol how bout this. The one who gets post no. 800 wins a prize, and in the meantime we'll all keep clicking :D
All clicks - 3011

Rate: 1695

Yay =) Now once the map relaods we'll have a new house, with guard dog and all :P
so will you officially name the dog?
been a while since i last clicked, sry :P

for those of u who don't know what we're doing:

We're building a house for LordsWM. To help us you just need to follow this link


+ brick :D
+ brick
+ brick
do you know how long it will take for the reload?
+ brick
+ brick
for Lucid-Naz:
Looks like it already did =)
cute doggie :D
i want the dog to stay

*clicks reluctantly*
+ brick
sorry for double posting, but isn't our house actually smaller now? O.o
+ brick
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