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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
Inspired by simular topic on .ru, and recent topics about this site not getting enough advertisement.


Just follow the link. To make a truly uniqe house we'll need 5k of clicks (have 1 so far :P)

So how about building a house for our favorite game together? :)
This is not SHL, and the link to lwm is not referential.

It's a way of thanking Admins, and advertising this project a bit :)

You can click the link once every 12 hours from the same IP, other clicks are not counted.
The first goal is to get 150 clicks - that'll activate the site and give us a small housie to look at.
great idea!!

can i post the link in inquiry chat at hourly intervals so that more people are involved in it?
I don't see why not :)
I mean, it's not a flood if it's just posted from time to time. Doesn't need to be done often too. Just a few times during day.

Have 12 clicks by now =)
Unfortunately, I'm the only one who can check them, but I'll keep this topic updated.
hehe, we chat mods will help out spread the news :)
for gurumao and other chat mods involved:

Many thanks :)

To give you all an idea of what this can become:


Nice, isn't it? And we can do better!

There are small banners too, for those who're interested. Just drop me a PM.
60 clicks :) That's 60 bricks for our house.

I would ask those who clicked-and-helped today to click tomorrow, too. It's not hard, yet it's a contribution of sorts to the game :)
I just followed the link, but I can't see anything about us... It's because we don't have enough clicks yet ?
Just search in LordsWM.com and click it once a day
i more concern on building my own castle... who care a house? LOL
Thx to Shebali!

Good try, I just followed the link too. lol!

But same as Artoupan, I didn't see a house yet, how many more clicks do we still need to build a house?
120 clicks - just a few more to go till first mark!
for Artoupan:
for binghuo:

We need to gather 150 clicks first to activate the link. After that you'll be able to see LWM house, not just that field.
127 clicks alredy.

C'mon guys don't be lazy =) Just follow this link


and add bricks to LWM house.

Also, don't hesitate to post here - it's nice to know that there are people involved :)
Is it 128 now?

Just vist from my home. :)
As a matter of fact, yes, it is :P
already 150?
i keep clicking :P
for Sven91:
Thanks :) But remember - 1 click per 12 hours counts.

It's not 150 yet - but I'll post immediately when it is :)
As spartan suggested - you could add the link to your quick links here:
and visit LWM house when you log in. It's easy, simple and helps the project :)

141 click already, and first mark is almost reached!
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