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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
800 clicks and yellow roof :P
For those too lay to read previous pages:

We're building a house for LordsWM. To help us you just need to follow this link


And that's it. You don't need to do anything else. Every click from one IP adress gives us one brick :) (you can check the link from one IP once every 12 hours, other clicks don't count)

The more clicks we get, the better our house is, and the closer it is to center of map.

Why are we doing it?
Part of visitors of internet map sees our house, so it's an advertisement of sorts. And a small way to thank the Administration :)
Can anyone teach me how to click and make brick for it?Or it is already finish?
You just follow the link. And that's it, nothing more.

You don't need to click on anything, or check anything or whatever.

Simply following the link is enough.
so, how much before it is a big castle like H e r o e s w m . r u castle?
for Bramblepaw:

For a house like HWM you need 5k clicks and someone to draw a big castle like H e r o e s w m . r u castle

So far we've got 300 clicks and a pretty blue roof (once the map is updated)

Next mark - 800 clicks.
WOOT. now we got a blue roof. how many clicks we have now?

to draw a big castle like H e r o e s w m . r u castle

i hope someone can draw a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH cooler castle than Heroeswm.ru castle
All clicks - 335

Rate: 149
Lol I hope when the time comes, someone would be willing to draw for LWM.
All clicks - 352
Today clicks - 55

Rate: 149
im at school now, i can click here too :D
Great idea, I just wonder why we are labeled 'real time strategy' and not something like 'turn-based strategy' or 'turn-based tactical combat'.
I salvaged the description from game introduction - but 'turn-based tactical combat' definetly sounds better (as well as is more correct)

Will change the description now. Thanks for the idea - any more of them?)
you are wrong, we are labeled nowhere as such. this is free MMORPG.
\\double post\\

for fusei:
oh, you were talkin' bout the label of intermap's house. sorry, thought smth else.
to Shebali:
Well, you could add a reference to the fantasy setting and to the character development.
Hmmm... what is our house doing on the Russian map? This is the .com server. Anyway, seems like the workers there are a bit lazy cause I can't see the blue roof yet. :P

I have 2 question:
1. Is there any penalty for overeager players (like me) who might click more than once in 12 hours or is it just that the additional clicks don't count? I want to help the game, not burn it.

2. About the castle (when we get there)... I gather that anyone may design that? Are there any restrictions as to the size of it? More importantly, is it free or is there pay involved too?
for 58:

1. click as much as you want, but only 1 click per IP every 12th hour will be counted.

2. My guess is that its completly free. Probably some size restriction too :)
ALSO YOU can have animation. check out the world map,theres something liek a helicopter thingy!
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