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Building a house for lordswm!


AuthorBuilding a house for lordswm!
[Post deleted by moderator misself // flood]
Is there a way for someone else to see how many clicks it has or just the one that created it? I'm curious to see how we are doing and if my clicks count. I've followed that link but there is nothing that indicates I'm actually doing anything... perhaps a message saying "thank you for voting for (site name)" or something and I find it a bit frustrating.
first you need 150 clicks to get on the map
else it is flooded with houses iwth 2 clicks

So, were almost at 150, if we have 150, you can see the lord of war and money house

(if i am correct) so keep clicking every 12 hours =)
I'm the only one who can see the number of clicks (and in future - our rating)
because I'm the one who registered our site.

All that you need to do is follow the link, preferably once every 12 hours :P

It would be nice if there was a msg of some sort popping out, but it doesn't and it's not something I can change.

We've got 156 clicks so far - and it's enough for our house to appear on the map. I know it's not there yet :P but I'm guessing the map is updated in some time periods. I think we'll be able to saa our housie tomorrow at most.

So, if it's not much trouble - click time to time. Adding


to your 'shortcuts' would help a lot :)
*see, I mean. We'll be able to see. Weired typo O.o

Our housie. Not on world map yet, but that can be arranged :P

170 clicks so far, next mark is 300 - and LWM house will get a colored roof :)
Just a few idea... If any u guys active on other forum, just like game forum, health forum, PDA forum, etc. Why not try to put LWM logo and put ur invitational link at the signature ? More ppl will see it, and maybe will catch a few active player.
185 clicks gathered :)
Yay! Site activated :)

Total clicks so far - 205
Rate - 55.

Next mark - 300 clicks, and a nive yellow roof for LWM house :)
I don't see it.. ANyways what country is it in? liek blogland,russia ukraine etc
i agree, i've tried typing in the number and it keeps sending me to a fountain. the only one i've found is heroes.ru
the house is finally visible :))

here's the link http://www.internetmap.info/Russia/aa/09/86.html
Yep :) On the map, finally!

Though it would be best if you used this link to check it out


All clicks - 248
Rate - 55
ok, i keep clicking on it
Ive added it to my links, but it opens in the same window, is there a way to let it open in a new tab when i click it?
Well, you can right-click on it, and choose 'open in new window'
Yeah even I saw it . !!!!!

So , Shebali how many clicks do we need to have for the blue roof?
300 - so the blue roof is nearly ours :)
We got the blue roof now so what's the next mark?
Eh, no :) 45 clicks more to go to blue roof
Uh...sorry we don't have the blue roof yet. It seems I was looking at the wrong house. :P

But in any case, what's the next mark after 300 clicks?
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