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Gold for diamonds

AuthorGold for diamonds
I was told on query forum this was not allowed


12-13-08 10:04: Castle modified. Construction added: Arena of Keepers.
12-13-08 09:49: Transferred 70000 Gold to limustudotcom : The money for Diamonds UpGrade
12-13-08 09:49: Transferred 100 Gold to limustudotcom : the 70000 was for Diamonds UpGrade
12-13-08 09:48: Received 70000 Gold from limustudotcom : do it again with description.
12-13-08 09:48: Transferred 70000 Gold to limustudotcom :
11-25-08 17:50: Castle modified. Construction added: Blacksmith.
11-23-08 20:43: Transferred 3000 Gold to limustudotcom :
11-07-08 16:50: Received 50 Gold from killshot : hunt assist
11-03-08 21:33: Transferred 1000 Gold to limustudotcom :
10-27-08 15:51: Transferred 1000 Gold to limustudotcom :
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[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // Refrain from making unsure comments in C&A please.]
no,its not allowed.
to buy somebody diamonds you must have their pass. password transfer is illegal. same as trading real things for game things, like he also did
[Post deleted by moderator Zyanya // Doesn't add any facts to the complaint.]
I wrote to the admin/secretary about giving away diamonds, raffling diamonds, etc and never got a negative reply. I did buy him diamonds, and he did give me some gold which was very little compared to what he had at the time as far as gold/resources/arts go (he lost rest at roulette later on he told me). If it isn't allowed, I will never do it again. But I haven't heard anything about it from the secretary, and he isn't old enough to buy diamonds for himself.

That password transfer is about people logging the same accounts of other people and playing their accounts...I never played with his account, nor he has ever played (or logged) mine.

If you read below a section from the rules, it specifies a clear difference between what you are implying, and what the law is supposed to uphold:

1.12. The Administration does not take responsibility for consequences of user sharing his/her character password to others. By playing from public places (internet cafes), installing and/or using software (clients, guides, calculators, etc.), visiting third-party game-related sites and so on - all responsibility for his/her character security lies on the user entirely.

Golanchik trusted me to buy him Diamonds, and I did. He is a good clanny. I had a few others in mind that I would help out too, since they are young, and cannot buy themselves Diamonds, or simply cannot afford to buy them. But again, if this isn't allowed, then it simply will not happen ever again, and the game loses out on valuable money which keeps the game free for everyone to use.

I don't know why you are being so hateful, kiwi, if it weren't for people buying diamonds, this game would not exist--and it would not be free for people like you.

Also, that section about trading in game for money...he never got a cent from me...so he didn't trade me gold for USD/Euros/Real Money outside of this game. That is what the rules say. He gave me some gold, and I got him some Diamonds--in game currency.


good explanation but it is not allowed,
so it is up to the admins to decide.

i am not being hatefull just trying to be fair for all.
as you can never proof that the above is true, so people can also make it up.
diamonds are a non tradable currency, thats why.

and btw dont say the game is free for me as i bought some diamond upgrades myself too.
[Player banned by moderator Zyanya until 2008-12-26 12:19:21 // No opninions/comments in C&A please. Warning ban.]
The game is free to play...you don't have to buy diamonds to play this game.

The game is only free because people donate to the game.

As I said above, the rules as I interpreted them is explained, and in any 'legal' court of law this wouldn't even be an issue because laws are meant to be interpreted with such regards. But I have written several times to the Secretary with questions about things, and never gotten a reply. But I am sure there are other people out there, like me, that buy diamonds for others, and if this is not allowed, there should be a new addition to the rules that says so, clearly.

Further, I have done a lot of good things here for a lot of people, including cheap thief invites for clannies (only 5k deposit) that no one else does on this server. Everything I do, is with the game's best intentions at heart. What do I gain by buying someone else diamonds? Nothing really.

But indeed, it is Christmas, and I rather not lose sleep over this. Quite simply, if it were not for that section I qouted above, I would be inclined to think like you as well kiwi. But don't ignore parts of the rules that are not convenient to your argument.

As for proving what I said above, it can be 100% proven. They can check the logs for Golanchik's log in...and that is that :)

I don't play his account, I only play mine. But if the admins say I can't go around buying my friends Diamonds because I am a generous man, then I'll stop doing that and only buy myself diamonds when I need them, since I would never send anyone money anyway--would you?


One last thing before I go to bed.

My qoute of the rules is from the "1. Rights and duties of the parties" while the portion(s) in question, is(are) from section "3. Game process and using additional characters."

"3.7. Password transfer to a different user and collective account managing are forbidden."

Notice the 'and' not 'or' in that. I do not manage his account.

"3.6. Trading any in-game property or service for real money, as well as trading not game-related property or service in the game is forbidden. Real money includes not only cash, but also transfers in all kinds of currency, including the money of different paying systems, like webmoney, E-gold and so forth."

Never sent him any money, nor did he do me any outside of game favors equal to any type of monetary compensation.

"3.14. Large transfers without cause and description are prohibited. All debts must be returned one month after receiving, or else the transaction will be regarded as violation of par. 3.6. When giving or returning debts, providing the transfer description is compulsory."

It was properly described, we were hiding nothing.

"3.18. The Administration keeps a right to cease access to the game to any player who hinders the gameplay, deceives or swindles other lawful players."

I have not hindered the gameplay, but rather promoted it, and I did not deceive anyone or swindle anyone.
Limustudotcom has proved his actions to be innocent quite clearly, there were no rules broken during this transfer event.
However, the Administration considers this kind of deals unfair regarding other players, and a new rule sub-paragraph will be added shortly. As soon as it is, such deals will become illegal. I'll have to ask limustudotcom and everyone else to kindly abstain from repeating this procedure.
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