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Cool Avatars Please Post Here ^_^


AuthorCool Avatars Please Post Here ^_^
Here is a link for Barbarians avatars :

Anyone having the same maybe for Knights, Elves, etc. plzz post here ..

Best regards,


NB : I will post ASAP when finding some good pages again ..
my avatar is good anti hydra :)
my avatar is good aswell its a lich :)
my avatar is the coolest creature ever
Here's my old Avatar it rocks !!

well my avatars are from my albums n i like grandchase more then the rest
my avatar is manbearpig
not to be mistaken with pigbearman im super cerial
for sjb50: OMG a gremlin .. hehe .. yeahh the COOLEST ever .. but I think Angels are cool too ^^ The hair and the wings .. OMG .. cutes ^^
what are u a women man up the on on my mulit rocks is awesome
i have the most awesomest
... heh u seen nothing yet look at my avatar its so awesometon that it blinds your eyes =)
for Morbent:OMG!!!!!!MY eyes it burns!!!!!!!!!
I rather like my avatar :)
i have the greatest animated avatar of all time!!!!!!!
for Shebali:

Wow, your avatar is a really great gif :)
Great texting style and the details are just amazing. Must have taken a long time to make that one :O
for Kiz:
Thanks :) But much as I'd like to claim the credit, I did not make this one, but rather had it made for me :P I only supplied the image.
i have the greatest animated avatar of all time!!!!!!!
this is!
i have a cool avatar, check it out
For OgreMagi:

lol avatar, very interesting.
the moment i see this animated picture from the internet
i immediately grab and make it my avatar, lol
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