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About owning a facility

AuthorAbout owning a facility
I have some ideas about one upcoming feature: 8, Facilities as private real estates.

1, Seting up a facility should be really expensive. The price would depend on what artifact would owner choose to produce.
2, Owner should be able to manipulate with wages, prices of the product and prices of the resources needed.
3, Owner should be able to determine the number of workplaces, but each new workplace should cost him some money.

That's all for this time, I'm really looking forward to this feature ;)
I don't know about this feature. It seems it will only make the richer, richer.

Reaganomics? Heh.

I think this feature is great because it reduces shortages and goes against the blackmarket. But I understand your comment, but this could be a feature to initially take gold out of circulation and help the admins so they don't need to keep adjusting the economy.

There's not that many ways for the rich to get richer and the admins do want players to spend their gold.

4. Each new facility needs to be approved by the admin. This is to prevent too many of 1 type of facility in 1 location.
5. Owner can transfer gold and resources into and out of his facility.
Pantheon: So how will the admin choose between two players who both want to open a defender shield facility for example?
4, 5: absolutely agree.

One more advantage is that owners would spent their profit, in contradistinction to Empire, who just cumulate gold and doesn't use it. It's not good for economical model.

Simply let them both open it. If they both pay let's say 500.000 gold and both think it will be worth it ...
exactly if you want to invest money where are no outcome then please just do it.
maybe pay additional gold to "upgrade" so u can have more work spaces? (e.g. faster production rate)

idk just throwing it out there xD
Yes, It's my point 3 ;-)
making the owners pay a hefty upkeep fee each week so the factory works at good condition maybe another idea, if upkeep is not met then efficiency goes down by 10% until it hits the last 10%, which is where it takes around 10k to make something that's worth 1k, the factory also loses property value if upkeep is not met
another idea - upgrades of stock capacity, also for money
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