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Buying from the map


AuthorBuying from the map
I've been waiting for three work shifts already and i still failed to buy what i was aiming for. Could have been a faster click a second away or something. The point is, the economy needs a lot of improvement in this game.

As a proposal, maybe people should have a limited amount of the same artifact. Or perhaps something else that would solve this problem.
lol... the defender shields were gone in 3 seconds... i didnt manage to get 1

8 shields available clicked buy button. Then, it was all gone. 8 shields? Who hoarded that?
3 seconds...
so long? thought it was always 0.5
thought it was always 0.5

definitely at least 1 sec... because of 2 things

1. I went to a forum page at exactly 8:40 (game time), and when i clicked on the defender shield blacksmith (i have the shortcut link), i was still able to buy a defender shield (but when i clicked "buy" there was no more)

2. Very few people can move their cursor to the box, type a number and click buy/press enter within 0.5 seconds...
It all depends on who's online at that time :)

It's possible to get at least 4 defender shields within 3 seconds if there's not much people waiting for it. Right now with so much competition at most one can get is just 2 shields per workshift.

But to really get one when those special people are online, you need high connection speed, good reaction time, precise clock, good memory of where the box will be and three fingers working cooperatively (One on the refesh button, one on the numeric pad and one on the mouse) and checking whether the price remains 3300 in case empire decides to change it...all these are doable within 0.5 seconds

Maybe the artifact shop needs some refills...
Here i go, 2 more minutes before the defender shields are available

i got 1 defender shield!!

I cant buy them at normal hours
only at those wierd times like 0:40 server time
Because not many people are online then
I live in europe, so servers are all miles away, my connection to the server is 350 ms....
no chance to buy a shield at all.......
My ping is above 400 ms and I still manage to get one most of the time.
Yes, but thats because you use il...
ok, stop this conversation please, admin should do something about it so everyone can get a shield !
Yes, but thats because you use il...

Spit it out, if you have any prove, other than your lack of imagination, you are welcome to open a thread in the C&A section.

admin should do something about it so everyone can get a shield

The point is that defender shields are one of the most efficient items and if the price doesn't go up at the facility it does in the market till people start buying other artifacts and demand goes down to supply.
Or were you rather thinking of a solution like moving the server to Amsterdam.
Move to amsterdam ... what a lousy idea. Try to help others with constructive posts man! Just because you buy all shields you can get and resell them on market you should also try not to think only about your own advance.....

One very nice solution would be (as in all market specific issues) to increase the amount of rare goods with an additional facility or via increasing the possible workers count or even both?

But here is definitely need for action.

So far ....
Next time, why don't you try to read AND understand what I write, I was just musing about what this something might be that Sven wants the admins to do.

So why not also post constructive things on a post?
A post just to make fun of others who seem to have problems to get a defender shield really helps everybody. Like your last post too.
Perhaps you have something to say to my proposal?! Perhaps you have to say anything constructive?!

Well, even though I'm repeating what I said earlier, there is no problem in the first place, the defender shield is one of the most efficient items, so it has a high demand and when the price raises people will start to use other items and thus demand will drop to the level of supply.
Other than that, it is really not hard to get a shield at the factory if you put a little effort into it.

p.s. I think there's nothing wrong with poking fun at people who accuse one as cheater.
Stop the off-topic. Whatever you have to say, say it in PM to each other.
"when the price raises people will start to use other items and thus demand will drop to the level of supply"

Under current conditions, demand in facility will never drop to the level of supply. What will happen, is, that market price will stabilize somewhere between 5500 and 6000(also depends on cleverness/stupidity of buyers). In case of higher price then 6000 other artifacts will start to be used instead defshield. But crazy demand in facility will stay.

P.S. My ping response about 400ms and I was lucky about one of ten attempts, so I gave up.
Considering that I joined this game because it doesn't need a speedy response, requiring the purchase of items to be based on your speed of response, well, lowers the enjoyment of the game for me.

Perhaps the factories themselves should put them up for market, with a 1 hour auction.
I don't know why people consider it so much more favourable to pay higher prices to the facility than to the merchants.
The facility just sells for some gold more than the pure manufacturing price.
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