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Buying from the map


AuthorBuying from the map
Ok. I normally like to read posts and stay out of the discussion, but this has gotten ridiculous so I am going to make my first post ever.

I am one of those who saw the relatively huge profit margin on defender shields and decided to try to buy and resell as the opportunity arose. I started maybe about a month ago when the market price was normally about 3500. My response time isn't great, but if I timed it just right, I used to be able to snag one about one in three attempts.

For the last week I've managed to get 2 in about 30 attempts. (you may ask "who has time to be at their computer on the exact quarter second 30 times in a week?" ... let's not even go there because I've been sneaking it in at work lately and I don't feel good about that, especially since even timing it just right isn't working anymore anyway). In the last few days I am 0 for about 10. I have started to give up lately because it seems so hopeless no matter how perfectly I seem to time and execute the attempt.

Since I was curious if others are having the same issue and also since I will soon need a new defender shield just for my personal use I decided to check the market to see what they are going for now. They are up to 4900. I thought I was making a killing (which I was compared to any other way to make money in this game) when I last sold one a week ago for 3820.

So the point is that it has obviously gotten really bad, and I also hope that something is done soon to increase the supply of defender shields.

And just to continue with a related point, I have also found that it is nearly impossible lately to even sell my resources for the teeny tiny little profit from each of those. So no wonder the game has lag issues, because not only are 500 people banging away with hit after hit every hour on the hour, but it goes on heavily for the next few minutes after that as people try split second timing just to sell a few resources.

So to cut down on player frustration and the huge number of hits the server must be getting every hour PLEASE give up at least double or quadruple the current number of defender shields per hour and see how that goes for a while.

(this is why I shouldn't post ... I just can't seem to keep it brief)

p.s. - Great job Shebali with your monitoring and answers in many of these forums and bless you for your patience dealing with some of the hostility I've seen here.

p.p.s - My second post when I get some time will address the crazy ridiculous cost of smithing/item repair in this game.
Thanks :)
I don't know why people consider it so much more favourable to pay higher prices to the facility than to the merchants.

Because I'm competing with you, not with the facility. So if your fast connection and/or ability to be at the computer hour after hour gives you an advantage, then it puts me at a disadvantage.

Would this game still be popular if the number of attacks you got was based on how fast you could click on the units? Maybe, but it would be a different game. Giving a non-combat advantage to people with fast clicks or connections ends up being the same thing.

Not that I'm blaming you, mind you. The game gives you a window, and you're going through it. Good for you.
I see your point, but then again there are always people, who have an advantage over others like money from roulette or diamonds or simply a better tactical skill.
Those are unvoidable. One benefits the game through donations, one is a product of actually playing the game, and one is through sheer dumb luck.

Advantages based on your ping rate? Those are questionable. Advantages based on an economic FLAW in a poorly balanced market economy? Those are worthy of patching.

As it stands, defender's shields are simply too good for their cost. Either the shield itself needs to be nerfed, or the price needs to properly match its potential. Demand is way way WAY too high currently, and it's completely due to the facility supply being way way WAY too accessible and cheap. Either the facilities need to start charging more for their labor... or they need to open up more production lines to supply them.

You're confusing a balance issue with an unavoidable one.
Those are unvoidable.

Well, implementing a roulette is hardly unavoidable.

Advantages based on your ping rate?

Ping is only part of it, my ping is usually above 400 ms and I still manage to buy one when I desire.

As it stands, defender's shields are simply too good for their cost.

And that's why their price goes up (at the market).
"And that's why their price goes up (at the market)."?

That clearly creates a land of leechers... people are able to buy them cheap and sell them high. Balance issue, the supply is too accessible. It's like having computers cost $1 to create yet selling them at $1000. Everyone would want into the computer business.

Whoever took action on this (Shebali?), thanks for listening. I am surprised how much effect it had just to add 9 slots. The price started dropping right away and has continued to do so ever since. I even got a couple of defender shields last night.

for Presten:
All credit goes to Arctic :)
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