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little button

Authorlittle button
that u press on forum that reports 2 any mod thats online simple and it works so we do not have 2 pm mods it will also be on all messages =D i like it
I don't. No need to bother _all_ mods with whatever forum trouble managed to avoid their attention.

Sending a two-word msg and link isn't that hard.
yea but if u are fat and lazy and do not want 2 see which mod is online it works out better no
If you want to know what mod is online go here.

only one thats funny now is the time 2 flame and spam lol
For Q&H

For chat
k but the button more fun just one click
Oh yes, very fun. Let's keep clicking it to prevent mods from doing anything other than checking false alarms on forum.

I don't like 'button' idea. You want to tell a mod something - write them a letter. Though you might wish to be more polite with your phrasing in future -_-
=D fine u win i will lock this ok and shebali what it feel like being the only mod

closed by Lord lukeman56789 (2009-02-05 05:06:37)
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