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stupid mercinary quest

Authorstupid mercinary quest
dang, i keep getting the elf envadors. need help
dont worry u cant beat any of the quests at ur lvl....................
just skip and hope for better luck, all you can do
I advice is that you should wait until you're lv. 5 or 6 then Mercenarie quest will be much easier for you, it's very hard when you're lv. 4.
indeed. You'll hvae plenty of time to do mercs as you level up--why rush :)
How many should we say that , first read the F.A.Q , there they give plenty of information.

~ Mercenary Guild F.A.Q ~ https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1849522

There is also a level to start Mercenary guild , this is not the level , & if you lose quests why are you saying that mercenary quest , stupid ?

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