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Work hours

AuthorWork hours
on the wage is it per hour or is it just for the time that is required to make one unit?
This is for one hour.
But it does depend upon when you join the work shift as to when the gold is paid. It is paid at the end of the shift regardless whether you started 1 hour before shift started or 1 minute before shift started.

Either way you cannot enrol again for one hour after you last enrolled
but the wage is per hour meaning


4 hours required to make one unit.

this gives you 680 at the end or you only work 1 hour
You get 170 after 1 hour and your work ends. You will need to re-enroll to get more gold.

4 hours required to make 1 unit means that every 4 hours of work that gets done produces 1 unit (man-hours). This 4 hours can be 4 hours with 1 person working, 2 hours of 2 people working or 1 hour of 4 people working.

So if 12 people are enrolled for that 1 hour, 3 units will be rpoduced at the end of the hour.
okay thanks
Labor guild also increases your gain and productivity.
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