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plz help

Authorplz help
i cant defeat barbrian in MG quest i used 22 ap set and i lost what to do???
1. Use a better set of arts next time
2. Set the favored enemie to cyclops
3. Use Advanced fortune
22AP?? LOL! All you wore is 8AP. You wouldn't have lost if you were to wear 22AP. But back to the topic, its quite hopeless when you get both ogre or cyclops variation. I would suggest avoid all invaders except knight, they are really hard for elves.
1.cant i barely can pay for this
2&3.ok il try it later
heres my arts that i had http://yfrog.com/bf99371407p
Of course, if you are focusing on initiative. It wouldn't make a big difference, either way, cyclops will kill your bowmen in 2 hits so there is no point for initiative. But other way around if you go attack, orcs will come before, if you go defence you wouldn't have enough damage done. Basically, your faction is not fit for those fights.
Enchanted arts help a lot as well.
you will definitely beat these when you get fort at level 7
but im 6...
I think you should have taken max FKs instead of sprites for this battle. Sprites are way too fragile for merc quests.
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