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wich faction is better at lvl 6 for thief

Authorwich faction is better at lvl 6 for thief
as the topic says
Imo demon if without diamond upgrade.
waht is imo?
In my opinon.
demon looked pretty nice to me too first (because of high ini of wolves and spawns and nice movement of wolves)
demon usually uses the 8 squares the enemy has to cross to come to him to gate. At thiefing there are much less squares to cross so demon usually can't gate without getting hit first for sure. So it's a really huge disadvantage for demon
and demon has no flying unit (which really comes in handy at thiefing imho) and slow shooter (succubi)
so i definately think it's elf (good chance to hit multiple enemies with high-ini-sprites), DE (high ini rogues + lizard cav can do serious damage, mino finish off and poisoners take retal/block ranged units from shooting) or maybe even wizard/necro. Barb may have Shooter with ini 11 but wolves really suck at that lvl (can easily be blocked) and hobs just are too slow
If you have diamond upgrade: Elf (Elite Forest Keepers) or Dark Elf (Shrews) without a doubt.

If you don't, then Knight (bowmen volley, escort on griffins then swordsmen) got my vote.
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