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no money

Authorno money
art cost gold par battlle. you onle enrroll one time par hour. at high level you lose gold every hour because tooo muche art cost tooo muche. what happen.
you work, not many people have any problems, i don't think i have ever had a major problem. if you work there is no reson you would run out of gold.

and hey, if you do. there is always RoH for dragons
if u need money fast and u have some luck u may win big on the roulette ;)
Well, if you continue to work and enroll every hour, you will increase in Labourers' Guild ranking, and will get more gold per enrollment. This should cover the cost of your artifacts at high levels.

You should only use all your most expensive arts when you need to, not every battle. If not, just rest a while and enroll for a few weeks without battling to recover your gold and build your foundation more.
dun forget the profit you get from hunts, merc and sometimes thief.
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