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Ermmm... help?

AuthorErmmm... help?
Hi all,

I need help from 1 of u kind souls.

I wanted to make some gold, and (foolishly) proceeded to spend all my gold (at that time) to buy 4 pcs of Gems for 369 chips each, hoping to sell them at Jewellery of Speed or Jewellery of Abdication for a small profit.

Now, almost 2 days have past and both these factories still don't have the box where I can key in the number for me to sell them. :/

So, I need some help here:

- Can someone be kind enough to PM me what I'm doing wrong, and how to sell the Gems.


- I'm willing to make a lost and sell each Gem for 368 gold. Can some kind soul please help me and buy from me, please?

Thanks in advance for your help. :)
Me ME!! Pick me! :P

I will buy your gems :)
Sending money over to you now. Be sure you send me the gems after, or the will be hell to pay >:(
The problem is that the facilities you picked are out of money, so they can't pay you. Try to pick an other facility (e.g. amulet of luck factory), wait for the shift to end, so that someone can enroll, then the facility will have a demand and you can sell them (unless someone beats you to it).

Hi Kiz,

How do I check if u have send the gold? And do I just go to 'Transfer', key in your nick and do the transfer?
for Jedi-Knight:
your transfer log. Kiz sent gold as you can see.

Yes, to send gems you click Transfer and fill the form.
Hi Kiz,

Yes, I just checked my transfer log. U have transfereed me the gold.

So now I go to "Transfer", key in your name, and then type "4" under Gems, yes?

Sorry, my first time transferring, I dun wanna make a mistake, u don't get it, then go say I'm trying to cheat u. haha..

Please kindly reply before I send. Thanks.
Ok, I have made the transfer.

Thanks for your help, Kiz ! :)

And also Shebali for the guidance. :)
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