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Hello First,
I had long time not played and now i had a question....
Why i need 5 ap to fight?
[Player banned by moderator Shebali until 2009-05-04 17:23:31 // Topic title should reflect the question]
Because you have reached lvl 5

On lvl 6 you need 6 AP and on lvl 7 you need 8 AP
but i see peoples with one weapon and tthey can fight
well its a new rule:D
you need the ap that matches your level:D
But it only effects level 5 and above:D
if the weapon have the needed ap then you only need one art
sword of reprisal doesnt bring 5 ap :Di think
for -Blackdeath-: that is because the art had the AP needed to go to the battle except when u being ambushed or against brigands ... :)

Only those 2 kind of battles that do not need any AP .. :)
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[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // in PM]
u dont need AP against brigands ?!!
in merc quest ?!
no, you don't.
u dont need AP against brigands ?!!
in merc quest ?!

No, it counts like an ambush. Nor do you need when fighting dragons at RoH
for -Malik-:
no, there are no arts neede. just move to the location and you'll be attacked...

for RandhyTheDarks:
also dragon ambushes at ridge of hope
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