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Sorry for asking what sounds like a newbie question, but I've never paid attention to this aspect of the game before, and I don't see any mentioning of it on the Help page.

At the Registry Office in Great Capital, you can register for many familial relationships. What's the reason for doing this, other than just to have a Family entry on your character's page?

Do these relationships reflect real-life relationships, or do people do it just for fun?
They may reflect real life relationships, and some people might just do it for fun.
As you suspected, it just puts a link on your character page. As to why people do it, everyone has their own reasons.
for me, it is just for fun.
So there's no game reason to do this, no benefit whatsoever? Then I guess I haven't missed anything important.
closed by Geryon (2009-05-05 08:53:30)
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