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Changing factions : Profitable or Waste of time?

AuthorChanging factions : Profitable or Waste of time?
Hi everyone,
I am new to this game.I have read all the things in manual and I am reading the topics of forum one by one.So, I have the following question in my mind:
The faction points give us some immunity to attacks from same faction opponent.So,should we change our factions regularly and get good levels in other factions also to become resistant to attack from others? Or, should we stick to one favorite faction and take it to maximum level?

Will changing faction have some bad effects? for example,will I loose my raised skeletons if I change from necro to knight and knight to necro again?
u will still have ur raised skels but changing factions at high lvls is money consuming
I am a believer that changing factions makes you stronger, than if you just stick to one faction. But then again, I am sure there are also many people who would disagree.

And changing factions won't make you lose skeletons.
It's your choice.

Improving many different faction levels is not easy, but it'll be good in PvP if you do accomplish it. But you will be behind on the power scale to those that do specialise all the way. The % reduced damage is to compensate for that. You will of course have a better knowledge of other factions' tactics and that would help you in your own tactics.

You don't lose your skeletons, but it costs a lot to have to rebuild all the basic buildings whenever you change factions. You don't lose your old one,s you just have to build your new ones. So that costs a lot of gold, especially if you are higher level. You would need to build your Level 8 builds for all your factions, that costs a lot.
Thanks for the info :-)
But,please also tell answer to my first question.I am confused regarding that.
oh...sorry 2 people posted already. I was talking to iamthemagic.

Thank you everyone for the info :-)
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