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I was lucky because when I got ambushed, another player also got ambushed with me so I had an ally against a very powerful player. We won.

But I was wondering, if we lost, how much, if any, gold would the robber be entitled to take from us?
About 50-100 at most.
Oh good. I was getting worried. @[email protected]
They don't take much, but it's funny how you can get negative gold if you don't have enough gold.
what lvl do u have to be to ambush people?
6 with a TGI
LOL when i first got ambushed i expected to lose my arts

TGI is worth 400k and it disappears when you are initiated. From there you can look forward to tough battles and a lot of XP & FSP. The higher level you are (with exceptions) the tougher the Ambushing becomes, but you can really rack up XP.
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