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Hi i want to know! TURNAMENTS

AuthorHi i want to know! TURNAMENTS
what i must do to make clans tornamet?
what i need? or whid who i must tolk?
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what i need? or whid who i must tolk?

Permission from Arctic.
Permission from Arctic.

Arctic is no longer active...it's pointless to ask people to write to him.
Then if its not arctic then who new is turnaments maker?
[Post deleted by moderator MasterTI // ]
[Post deleted by moderator MasterTI // ]
It's interesting, i'd like to read the answer to. It seems to me that Maxim an Alexander don't use the forum and they don't answer to question in forum. If anyone had to ask permission he would have asked to Arctic. But now that he is officially on vacation, who is in charge?

Don't tell me that we are not allowed to organize private tournaments any more... I was just wondering to have one with the guys of a friend clan. Who we have to ask the authorization?
Anyone could answer? I think it's quite important...
if you will not have money awards for winners in tournament, you can organize it without any problems and permissions.
gold is no broblem to me... im a gambler :) so better i wanted to know who a must ask for turnaments creating?
i wuld like make my clans first turnament!
please tell me
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