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Coop in diffirant teams

AuthorCoop in diffirant teams
I was playing 3 vs 3, everything goes like it should be. Everyone playing, until our team defeated 2 of the other side. Then my other 2 teammates stopped attacking the 3th and last player. They we're talking in a language I don't understand. Think it was something like Hungarian.

When I told them I was going to report them for teaming against me they did some damage but most of the time just moving the monsters and wait. To wait till I died. Don't think that's they way it should be.

This is the link:

Can I post there names or is that forbidden?
Can I post there names or is that forbidden?
It's required actually.
Ok, my bad.

well this is weird... you better cheak if they have transfers between each other

i dident saw any forbid on this in rules saw try to find some iligel transfers or somthing
ok fidn some

is sending huge amount of money to VoroTinwe


05-09-09 15:50: Received 1100 Gold from Ambaron :
05-09-09 08:17: Received 1200 Gold from Ambaron :
05-08-09 15:54: Received 1400 Gold from Ambaron :
05-08-09 06:04: Received 1400 Gold from Ambaron :

and there are many more
heres transfer log https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers.php?id=4554566

il chaek the rest soon
dident found any thing for the other 2
lionya, i agree, Ambaron might also be involved.

This might prove something that they are friends:

05-10-09 07:32: quanchi100[2], kressso[3], makkelijk[3] vs tanay123[2], Anubisz[3], Flaviana[3]
05-09-09 19:51: cousteau[4], mamisse[4] vs Flaviana[3], Anubisz[3], ---DemoN---[3]

Battle with me in it:
05-09-09 17:19: VoroTinwe[5], Godist[4], Flaviana[3] vs Anubisz[3], Sleazy[3], gohan250[3]

Here you can clearly see that Flaviana and Anubisz like to play TOGETHER, but I joined the first team before him so he had to fight against his friends and that they don't want to do.

More proof? They did the same trick in this battle:

First attack the others, then the friends so they can gain extra experience. Flaviana and Anubisz didnt attacked VoroTinwe at all, why? Cause they want him to be alive to gain more and more experience at cost of the game of others.
[Post deleted by moderator Shebali // ]
Google translate of the first battle chat:

https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?warid=478865012[Full] [Chat]

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lordswm.com%2Fbattlechat.php%3Fwarid%3 D10865012&sl=hu&tl=en&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

I guess they just wanted to end up in the same team but may have not understood all the intricacies of battle types. Insulted other players in Hungarian too.
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