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What armour should i wear to get to level 4 thief.

AuthorWhat armour should i wear to get to level 4 thief.
PLease help
I wore Hauberks even .. :) .. But cape of winds is a must and amulet of luck .. :)
so should i buy a hauberk and a cape of winds?
i don't know but if you reach TG level 4 following Randhy's advices, you should be awarded a gold medal xD
u are wearing light mithral cuirass, so why downgrade to a hauberk.

You will find, as I am sure you are already that at TG3 the ambushes of caravans are getting hard. Basically I would recommend using the best arts that you can afford in order to suceed as quickly as possible.

You may find using rally instead of luck in your talents better, and put a luck amulet in as well of course :)
I got some thief armour should i use that when mithril cuirass runs out.
or should i sell the thief armour
Sell the thief armour, and repair or rebuy your mithral cuirass
im far from an expert but i think what you are wearing should be fine but also get a cape of winds and either pendant of despair or amulet of luck
Are th arts ive got on good enough
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