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Can you tell me exactly what a 'turn' is - ie. is 0.5 half of the creatures turn or is it half of the initiative bar?
half the initiative bar
there are ten boxes in the initiative bar 1 for each 0.1 turn
For Santremus:
I don't think that is correct

0.5 is half of the creature's turn. A Creature's turn is the time between one of its actions to the next
Here is an explanation of initiative:


Read this first, it's very helpful.

Turn is period between 2 actions of creature or hero, if it's initiative is 10.

E.g. if you cast bless for 3 turns on your griffin, it will last for more than 3 griffin's actions, 'cause griff has initiative 15. If it was creature with 10 initiative (and no moral), spell would last for exactly 3 of that creature's actions.
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