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Range of Monks

AuthorRange of Monks
I am pretty sure that the range of monks is 5 and not 6. Hasn't anyone else observed it or am I wrong? If you concur then maybe it needs to be corrected!
The range of monks is 6.
It's 6
Erm how did you arrive at this conclusion?
every shooter except magi and lorekeepers have 6 range
range ( number of tiles they shoot 100% damage ) is 6,
speed ( number of tiles they reach) is 5.
I had come to this conclusion when I observed the difference in the dmg from a range of 5 and 6.. In case it was within 5 dmg was around about in the 200s and whenever its been tiles 6 or more, dmg has been somewhere around the 120's and 130's..
The range of monks is 6.
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