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dark elf faction topic


Authordark elf faction topic
old one is....old so here is new one

simple question is 4 knowledge enough for magic lvl 8
with elemental call of course
magic DE better with mass poison on lvl 8
10 mana/cast, and only take half hero turn
hmmm i never think about dark magic
its 80 dmg per turn (in my case)and while the efect pass i can cast lightning good advice thx
I just switched from Wizard to DE. Any hints for build? Go Att+Def or Knowledge+Spell power. Relative advantages/disadvantages.
for Wiz_Rosis:

for Wiz_Rosis:
Att+Def for sure. Its impossible to do hunts when you get worse magic -- spikes and no damage bonus from factions skill.
Well in group battles if you got good items the spell caster darkelf is way best... but REALLY REALLY hard to hunt and quest with spell
Link to previous DE topic:
hi, i have an querie:

what is the best talent for an magic dark-elf?
for Froustmore:

erudition, or elemental call

both good for your level.

for hunt, use luck or attack

I am going to level up soon. I would like to know what talents I should choose, basic offense and cold blade, basic offence and battle fury, or something else?
Basic and Fury .. :)
in my opinion basic and fury is not a good combination for de cuz all units have high dmg and that 1 wil not use so much its more for units like imps or gobs...
For rogues, BF gives ~16,7% more damage. That's better than another offence talent and roughly the same than cold blade (ignore armor).

If you know you will face something with cold resistance (enchanted gargs, golems, barb player) stick with battle fury. Else, cold blade is more effective.
I just went on a hunt.. The hunt said 40 bowmen or sth - so no problem.. :)

When the hunt started I also fought 150 skeletons AND was together with another player :S.. How is that possible when none of us asked for assistance? :)

- X
for MalxomX:

it's got nothing to do with this subject, but since you asked:


From now on there is a poor likelihood of neutrals to flee until they catch up with another group of neutrals being under attack by a different Lord. As a result, a battle of two Lords versus two groups of neutral creatures, assembled randomly, will take place. In case of victory, the maximum for that creature type will not be increased; each Lord will receive up to 0.5 skill points and twice as big an amount of Hunters' Guild points as usual. Combat levels of the two willy-nilly hunt assistants aren't bound to be same.

there is a chance that 2 hunts merge into one

happened to lot of ppl lots of times, nothing irregular
Alright... :).. Thx a lot to both of you.. :)

- X
I need help in buying arts now. I just lvled :(. Which choices are the best for DE and is at least AP 6? I hope it is cheap.
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