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Dark Elves - better as killers or as magicians?


AuthorDark Elves - better as killers or as magicians?
I am really puzzled on what is the best way to play DE. Is it better to use your skill points and talents in improving the ability to cast spells or rather in improving the ability to do more damage?

Let's discuss this!

I am playing currently a sort of a mixture, primary skill points used for spells, talents for damage. But I am not sure this is the best approach.

What's your idea?
No, coz you don't get the bonus we wizz gets in hunts.
that's true ... but what in pvp? and in ambushes?
perhaps it's better to discuss this in the dark elves faction thread?

at ur level still at mage .. :) max spell and mana .. then at level 7 and up .. be a might(killer) DE .. :) max attack .. :) 10 mana is enough .. :)
Can people be more specific in the why's?

For example, "I will go for magician DE only at low level for this and this, then move to might fighter when lev 8 for this and this" ...

I'd like to see motivations and good reasoning, not just words ...
for OndaNera:

I did like this : at level 1 - 4 : MIght DE : coz my spell is very suck .. :)
at level 5 - 6 : Mage DE : low numbers of my troops must be balanced with a lot of CHAOS MAGIC
level 7 and up : Coz I have RALLY as the talents : then be a might DE is a good choice .. :)

But U must find ur most suitable Kind of DE . :)
For example, "I will go for magician DE only at low level for this and this, then move to might fighter when lev 8 for this and this"

people chose might DE on level 8 for one good reason - shrews! but, since you already got them, forget about magics, you won't believe what those red haired beauties are capable of :)

all skills on attack, and everything will be much easier for you.
If your in a duel, Magic DE would win a Might DE because you need to stay back while they come to attack you then you just pick them off.

When your level 10 and you get fireball that wins everyone in PvP so if you like using magic carry on using it.
So, Might DE is better in quests, Magic DE is better in PvP?
To be a good mage at lvl 10 you must have some enchants(fire and something)
once you get shrews it should be a good idea to switch to attack, unless you have some major good arts for magic and have alot (really alot) of gold to spare
it all depends on your fighting skills do you fight with aid of charms or attack do you kill with shrews or with your hero shrews are fast strong and can run longer and back so if you have em use em in pvp might de can do wonders just remember in pvp if u battle as a might de set your weapons and talent according to it if yo ufight as a magic de just get spell power about 10 would do put rest in mana cause then and only then will you do good damage
ask Elwira.
she's lvl 14 magic Delf on .ru server, and as I saw her fights... IT ROCKS!!

though magic DE can't hunt alone....
for Barilla: I'm forced to disappoint you . Magic rocks only when I use full 10*4 enchants on all 9 arts , but the opponents haven't more than 1 10*4 weapon . In my .ru server character there is a link to my duel with very skillful Demon , who had 3 10*4 weapons and general another arts ... I was defeated before the third turn of my hero by lucky attacks of cerberi and nightmares and their gated fantoms .

The main trooble is the lack of boosting hero initiative arts and , also denying Defence abilities on DE's wheel , which could help to survive enough for killing enemy troops by lightnings and fireballs .
Choose magic if you want to have fun with DE.
Magic DE is stronger than might DE in group battles,if you have strong allias to defend you,you will eventually end the battle with your magic! :)
But like 11 said you need a little enchants....also I prefer enhants on armor...or you will die in 10 minutes time lol ;)!
for OndaNera: Magic De is better in PvP .. but Might-DE is better in anything .. :)
killers as in Might-DE. Stay forever in combat + shrews are definitely the killer.
OK ... you are very close to transform me in a "mighty killer"
for OndaNera:Coz of the shrews .. :) and the inits .. Minos have morales, lizars have charges, Hydras have six strikes, shrews --< U can try these urself .. and do not be surprised to see the powers .. :)

But u still need magic : Disruptions ray, delay and curse .. always help in any battles .. :)

at level 11 and up I suggest u have 2 knowledge .. :)
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