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5000 messages w00t


Author5000 messages w00t
kill lethos92
im invincibleeeee!!!!
Character's nickname should not contain foul language, vulgar or slang expressions, alcohol and/or drug propaganda, insults and racial intolerance. Using a nickname that would trick other players into considering its bearer an official clan member is forbidden. An easy-to-read nickname usage is recommended. It must not represent a gibberish combination or carry an obvious sexual or insulting context.
Characters whose nicknames violate this rule, can be blocked regardless of their combat level.

why we need this rule?? its useless..
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more copy and paste flood now

Character Experience Faction
1. MasterTI [13] 13241311 Dark elf
2. Kiaune [13] 12650788 Dark elf
3. Kusika [13] 11848071 Demon
4. Antos [13] 11707996 Knight
5. china_blue99 [13] 11040681 Dark elf
6. Kiskoko [13] 10902490 Dark elf
7. ViSao [13] 10835629 Barbarian
8. Fes [13] 9756912 Barbarian
9. msro [13] 9635415 Dark elf
10. marked_one [13] 9234228 Demon
11. chrisl [13] 8649838 Dark elf
12. LEVY [12] 8172309 Dark elf
13. Alyna [12] 7817889 Demon
14. Jabbar [12] 7660057 Dark elf
15. MangaBlanco [12] 7627739 Knight
16. shutNIK [12] 7190713 Dark elf
17. Sutech [12] 7164558 Dark elf
18. MoonVampire [12] 7142068 Dark elf
19. Maia [12] 7087045 Dark elf
20. kushn [12] 6973281 Barbarian
21. pptandppt [12] 6778661 Dark elf
22. Phase [12] 6775418 Wizard
23. ras080 [12] 6492021 Barbarian
24. Bentley [12] 6342041 Barbarian
25. infect [12] 6263411 Barbarian

Faction Statistics
Knights 16.3%
Necromancers 13.7%
Wizards 10.9%
Elves 21.8%
Barbarians 11.4%
Dark elves 18.2%
Demons 7.6%

Statistics of all characters

26. cragg [12] 6252271 Dark elf
27. Set_Sveta [12] 6212063 Dark elf
28. Sekmeth [12] 6199208 Barbarian
29. SONYcz [12] 6091673 Knight
30. binghuo [12] 6085665 Demon
31. Falayalaralfali [12] 5853462 Demon
32. aceace [12] 5680859 Wizard
33. Petitoth [12]
more flood 1. Arronax 29
2. segs 26
Yra 26
4. Maze 25
ggme 25
6. Ahmed1 24
StarGirl 24
Kompotas 24
AishaBlack 24
Aaz 24
11. Korzika 23
Zlodey 23
gailey 23
Embrujada 23
Utgart 23
icecreamken 23
Tribunal 23
xoxol 23
19. Brujah 22
-Ameli- 22
singsonman 22
abu 22
Craton 22
LutsiferDemon 22
Cptkrik 22
kerizz 22
toptoptop 22
28. Justiciar 21
Silverskull 21
Arcont 21
Gorzhek 21
Akatsume 21
GordonGamb 21
SpawnR 21
36. Twilight_Knight 20
Overlord 20
Nefertiti 20
simps 20
Fantine 20
Legalays 20
42. BladeXmasters 19
wertysa 19
Belle 19
45. pardz 18
lorddgm 18
Tarnumse 18
ffemi 18
NoRulez 18
Jonas_Quinn 18
51. Nepodkuphui 17
michan88 17
daemond 17
TheOtherOne 17
chiu 17
FetTerBender4 17
57. dragonsbreath 16
CrossXVamki 16
shadowsrise 16
pie 16
ivo889 16
austinlloyd 16
mafia08 16
Crowbar 16
Dara_Sawall 16
TPiYS 16
theforcee 16
68. Kansain 15
Shadow01 15
Maelnor 15
Mpoulitsa 15
greatreign 15
seryymag 15
FrageR 15
bigdog 15
_Skywalker_ 15
beastandbeaty 15
78. barbiee 14
SinOfSunset 14
-kalli- 14
theclownken 14
qutta 14
QuadQ4 14
WXW 14
85. elfa-eb 13
NeMbl4 13
Vurgra 13
Pannik 13
evil_mom 13
Biara666 13
ilykeke 13
noodle 13
Azirafel 13
QuadQ2 13
xjagoan 13
Mineral 13
Psyche 13
99. FMNzzZmey 12
ColorfullyIce 12

Competitors total: 435
Aimed shot:
Ranged attacks against targets within 3 tiles take greater ranged damage from this creature (target's defense is considered to be zero).
Whenever an enemy stack adjacent to this creature is attacked in melee by any of your other troops, this creature deals 50% the normal damage to it.
Aura of magic proof:
All allied creatures adjacent to this one obtain cumulative 30% magic proof.
The creature simultaneously attacks all enemies adjacent to it (up to 8 stacks in total). The target takes full damage and retaliates the attack. All other enemies take half the damage and do not retaliate.
This creature flies up into the air aiming to attack the battlefield tile of your choice on its next turn. Until that attack, the creature is not present on the battlefield. Any creature that will be in that tile at the moment of attack, be friendly or hostile, will receive 150% the normal physical damage without being retaliated. After the dive, this creature will land on a random tile.
Attack parameter of this creature increases every time any enemy stack perishes completely. The effect is calculated as 1.3*[basic attack of the perished stack without character bonuses]*[strength of the perished stack]/[strength of all army of that character]. The effect cannot be lower than 1. Strength is an unrevealed parameter. Creatures acquire bloodlust for the rest of the combat, bloodlust effects stack up.
These creatures always have positive morale, never lower than 3.
Broad attack:
This creature attacks 3 stacks at once (the target and two adjacent ones).
This creature can use a set of magical spells in combat, similar to which characters use. The set of spells is individual for every creature type. The amount of mana is limited, but is always full at the beginning of each combat. Spell power is unrevealed and depends on the numbers of that stack.
The creature belongs to the Demon faction, it is able to gate support directly from hell.
Double shot:
Creatures perform two shots per each ranged attack.
Double strike:
The creature performs two strikes at the target per move, being retaliated only after the first one.
Draconic breath:
This creature deals damage to the target and the stack right behind it.
Drain life:
This creature drains life during its attacks on living creatures, restoring its own hit points and even resurrecting perished creatures. Amount of hit points restored equals half the dealt damage.
Drain mana:
This creature drains mana from their caster targets, and uses it to restore its health or even to resurrect the previously perished units. 1 mana per attacking creature is drained, but no more than the caster stack possesses. Every 1 mana restores or resurrects 1 creature.
These creatures aren't living, they are unaffected by morale. They are also unaffected by poison, blinding, infection, mind-affecting spells; life cannot be drained from them. Nor can they be resurrected or healed.
Entangling roots:
The creature tangles the target with its roots after the attack, immobilizing it. Any number of enemy stacks can be tangled. However, once the creature moves to any different tile, the immobilizing effects vanish.
Fear attack:
Triggering special ability.
The target attacked by this creature might get terrified and flee to the edge of the battlefield, losing all accumulated initiative. Fear attack does not affect creatures immune to mind-affecting spells or abilities.
The creature can move around the battlefield ignoring obstacles (flying over them).
Ignore defense:
This creatures ignores certain amount of the target's defense each time it deals damage.
Immune to delay:
The creature is unaffected by the "Delay" spell.
Immune to earth:
Earth magic spells deal no damage to this creature.
Immune to fire:
Fire magic spells deal no damage to this creature.
Immune to lightning:
The creature is
randomness :D
we are soo gonna get banned soon xD
Combat log of shadowking4

06-21-09 18:43[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4], vs Vanguard of knights {0}
06-21-09 18:04[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Griffins (10)
06-21-09 06:09[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Swordsmen (13)
06-21-09 01:02[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Bowmen (21)
06-21-09 00:52[Full] [Chat]: minibt[4], shadowking4[4] vs Farmers (265)
06-21-09 00:09[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Recruits (71)
06-20-09 23:25[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Bowmen (16)
06-20-09 22:21[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Ghosts (10)
06-20-09 21:27[Full] [Chat]: Knights-brigands {0} vs shadowking4[4]
06-20-09 21:24[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Lizard cubs (19)
06-20-09 19:53[Full] [Chat]: Adonis4[4], shadowking4[4] vs Gargoyles (90)
06-20-09 19:40[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[4] vs Swordsmen (10)
06-20-09 19:19[Full] [Chat]: Sokol-55[3], MaximoXV[3], bladesse4[3] vs milda1[3], skreen-original[3], shadowking4[3]
06-20-09 18:27[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Bandits (34)
06-20-09 06:57[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3], Ganesh_nami[3] vs mishkara[3], techno1[3]
06-20-09 06:12[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Farmers (71)
06-20-09 05:32[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3], vs Vanguard of dark elves {0}
06-20-09 04:22[Full] [Chat]: jordanhokai[3] vs shadowking4[3]
06-20-09 03:41[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Ghosts (10)
06-20-09 01:05[Full] [Chat]: BitchBlond[3], angels944[3] vs wolfenstein94[3], shadowking4[3]
06-20-09 00:27[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Goblins (42)
06-20-09 00:05[Full] [Chat]: Moran[4], Gemdee[4], zinzola[4] vs PERRITO[4], nishvI3[4], shadowking4[3]
06-19-09 22:41[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Recruits (54)
06-19-09 22:33[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3], Baldor_[3] vs looser7458[3], Mina92[3]
06-19-09 21:25[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Skeletons (43)
06-19-09 04:46[Full] [Chat]: driztz[3], Silver-Killer[3], superdanial1111[2] vs shadowking4[3], MatinDarkElf[4], dreamcloud[4]
06-19-09 03:26[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Wolfhounds-monster {0}
06-19-09 03:16[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Bandits (26)
06-19-09 02:54[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3], Danzi[3] vs captainmorgan[3], handel[3]
06-19-09 01:55[Full] [Chat]: iamthedead[3], shadowking4[3] vs Farmers (265)
06-19-09 01:39[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Bowmen (13)
06-19-09 01:27[Full] [Chat]: Sakis_88[3], animage[3] vs Basch[3], shadowking4[3]
06-19-09 00:29[Full] [Chat]: Dark elves-brigands {0} vs shadowking4[3]
06-19-09 00:15[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Hobgoblins (54)
06-18-09 23:52[Full] [Chat]: bloodelf11[2], Eomer2[3], shadowking4[3] vs kienmini[3], Ruze999[2], animage[3]
06-18-09 23:12[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Imps (54)
06-18-09 23:10[Full] [Chat]: MasterTl[3], Basch[3], shadowking4[3] vs boomanchoo[3], Lorent[3], Peldorian[3]
06-18-09 22:24[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3], wesly1870[3] vs Lubov[3], overlord1445[3]
06-18-09 21:47[Full] [Chat]: shadowking4[3] vs Recruits (42)
06-18-09 21:38[Full] [Chat]: andycool2000[3], miles89[3], chris96[3] vs shadowking4[3], MasterTl[3], Whirelesss[3]
i never get banned from forum, i like turtles
would you like to bye a duck ?
more =D

Immune to lightning:
The creature is unaffected by the "Lightning" spell.
Immune to magic:
This creature is unaffected by any kind of magic, be beneficial or harmful.
Immune to water:
Water magic spells deal no damage to this creature.
This creature is able to set all tiles around itself on fire once per combat, dealing damage to all creatures in those tiles.
Physical attacks against this creature are only 50% likely to be successful. However, there is no way that three consecutive hits or three consecutive misses take place on every particular stack. After two consecutive hits a compulsory miss will occur, and vice versa. Incorporeal does not concern magical attacks against this creature. Any magic applied to this creature also resets the consecutive hits & misses counter to 0.
Infecting strike:
Each successful attack of this creature reduces the Attack and Defense parameters of the target by 4 (neither can drop lower than zero, though).
Intellectual vigour:
The lord in control of this creature spends 25% less mana to cast spells.
The damage dealt by this creature increases in proportion to the distance it covered before the attack each turn. The damage is increased by 5% per tile covered.
Triggering special ability.
After every attack, the creature has a chance to knock the target by one tile at the direction of its attack. The target will not be able to retaliate after a successful knockback, as well as it will lose all of its accumulated initiative. Large creatures cannot be knocked.
Knocking shot:
Triggering special ability.
In addition to the normal damage, there is a chance that this creature would knock the target back by 0.2 points on the ATB scale, delaying its turn.
Large creature:
The creature occupies 2x2 tiles on the battlefield.
Large shield:
This creature only takes 50% the normal ranged damage.
Living creature:
This creature can be healed or resurrected. All creatures except Elemental, Mechanical and Undead ones are living.
Lizard charge:
Target's defense is ignored by 20% per each tile covered by this creature before its attack (it cannot drop lower than zero, though).
Magic shield 50%:
Magic spells deal 50% less damage to this creature.
Magic shield 75%:
Magic spells deal 75% less damage to this creature.
Mana convey:
This creature can transfer its own mana to the lord in control of it (1 mana per creature in stack).
Mana destroyer:
When this creature gains its first turn, it destroys a part of enemy lord's mana reserve. The amount of mana destroyed is 0.25 per unit, rounded to the nearest natural number.
Mana stealer:
When this creature gains its first turn, it steals a part of enemy lord's mana reserve and transfers it to its own lord. The amount of mana stolen is 0.25 per unit, rounded to the nearest natural number.
This creature isn't living; its morale is always neutral. It can be repaired by creatures with the "Repair" ability.
No melee penalty:
This shooter suffers no penalty dealing melee damage.
No ranged penalty:
This shooter always deals the normal ranged damage, even when firing at distant enemies.
No retaliation:
Opponents never retaliate attacks of creatures with this ability.
Pack attack:
The target attacked by a stack of creatures with this ability is attacked by all adjacent stacks of the same creature type before it can even retaliate.
Plague shot:
The ranged attack of this creature deals normal damage to the target, then dealing 50% the damage to all the non-undead creatures adjacent to it.
Besides taking damage of the attack, the target will be taking additional damage for two full turns, each time it would gain its turn. The damage taken every time is as much as there were poisoners at the moment of their poisoning attack. The damage is earth elemental, so certain modifiers apply to it.
Random caster: Darkness:
This creature has
god is a she
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im number 360!
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