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5000 messages w00t


Author5000 messages w00t
U can't kill a man with a stick! but again, you can just stab in the eyes.
"This thread is dying" but it never has been locked nor has it been out of date
You can post message after:9 sec.

but time always move doesn't it?
"Fire in the hole". But polices even say that even if the bombs aren't thrown in a whole
5000 messages isn't that much, I sent messages out of my mouth more than that
Ladies first, but why some pairs give birth to male first?
head shot means shooting in the head, but for me, Shot means pictures. Means my name is my head picture
Mother-Board? wow, this means you can play chess on your mother's back? AWESOME!
really intresting topic
If you play with fire you'll get burn, but "fire" here doesn't mean anything. a very very small fire can't burn you
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but it never said any "eating" part here
I'm the ultimate !
"Castles in the air" does this mean we're dying or we're daydreaming?
"Buckle up", does this mean we're fastening to something?
"We come with clean hands", even after they battled and blood splattered all over their body, but their hands are still clean?
Chickens (I eat them lol)
for WarlordFChaos:
You missed out something~~
I'm the ultimate egg-tart!

we need a forum mod here! they can spam with no 1min dalay ;p
i want a treacle tart !!!
or a lemon tart !!
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