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5000 messages w00t


Author5000 messages w00t
oh doing eyening now are we !!!!
is this place called a forum ???
this is a forum !!
this is called a post !
forums are meant to flood

as flooders are meant to flood

as mods are meant to ban flooders (in everything but OGF)
eye one again

Boy, you aim for 5000 ???? I'll die of bore before you reach half the count
good luck with that...
w00t off?
w00t on
none of your business!
eye lost this time =(
this thread is fun diversecity, thamks for creat it =^.^=
one day at 400 day aint even over yet... we can do this by the end of the week

heroeswm needs your assistance!!
techniqually isnt this against rules


administration owner of game is reciving financial assist? XDDDDDDDDDDDD

i wanna see administrater gi=vin emself a fine for it... make a good chrismas story... well not really...
06-21-09 23:37: Transferred item(s): 'Master hunter bone helmet' [1/10] to be returned until 22-06-09 11:37 ; for '2147483647' battles ; (repairing allowed) to shadowking1 . Transaction price: 50 Gold

for spartan300:
np ^_^
pimp that tree diver!!!! errr wutever it is
you bore? then get the hell out of here, this is not a place for you

you are not belong here
you are not welcome

don't need your opinion!

Merry x-mas !
ahu ahu ahu ...... spartan cry ( quoted from 300 )
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