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Roulette !!! A door to the other side


AuthorRoulette !!! A door to the other side
( poor and rich )

How is your luck with roulette ?

have u been saved by roulette ? u lost all on it ? tell everything here !
been downhill ever since the beginning, but right now i'm on the verge of breaking even and then onto profit maybe?
even, I'd say. ^_^
played, profited, lost, now i'm almost even, i don't even bother anymore, if you're on top don't get greedy, stay on top
i lost 100 gold in roulette.

I have won 489 gold, will never play again.
You win some you lose some
lost about 569000 but its awesome ^_^
I'm out of luck..
Kotrin beat the roulette.
won 50k, then lost them all and another 112k
both:D You win some you lose some
there was a time where i had a 1:2 ratio (bet:win). i bet 75k and won 150k. but that was a (not so) long time ago!

look at me now!

look at me now!

You are ok, stop now and you will be just fine. Never bet again. Poor guy, Eternal :-(

roulett i lost a lot on that it cheats u out of money big tme
4k is nothing.. Me poor me got cheated big
04-05-09 05:23: Transferred 80000 Gold to xxx : Deposit in Clan (Prevent me to play on roulette)

Roulette = evil
mostly down i'm tryin to play safe with it now
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