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HBA RENTS .... fulfilling your personal clothing needs !!

AuthorHBA RENTS .... fulfilling your personal clothing needs !!
Bored of the same old weapons again and again ... want to try out something new ..... or maybe you you saw that rule not allowing you to charge into a combat without arts !!

Well ladies and lords of the empire,i present you with the most bewitching deals across the width of the whole empire ..... with door to door service and arts provided on rent also !! soon ill be coming up with a series of enticing discounts to enable you to savour the taste of greater weapons !!

Items for rent --->>>

Tired of the little damage ur spells do, need that extra sp for getting the ghosts off ur back, or maybe break the druid layer protecting those irksome bows!!!

Had enough of ur troops perishing even before half the battle was over, maybe the problem lies in the low defence. and an attack boost would'nt be that bad either .

Then my friend there is only one solution-
HBA rents.....your one stop shop for all your artifacts !!

reprisal sword-90 gold/battle
defender sheild-75 gold/battle
steel blade-55 gold/battle
leather armor-40 gold/battle
wizard cap-130 gold/battle
amulet of luck-110 gold/battle
cape of spirits-130 gold/battle
Sword of retribution-180 gold/battle
Ring of inspiration-260 gold/battle
Theif Mask-180 gold/battle
Theif Crossbow(E4)-250 gold/battle
Sword of Might(E7A7)-350 gold/battle

Hunter Set(9 pieces)-->>
1260 gold per battle

+20% damage to neutral creatures,
+3% initiative,
+1 to minimum and maximum damage of all lord's stacks.

* all of the above cost are negotiable and subject to customer preferences .
* discount is there for renting for 10 or more battles .
* i provide arts a rent also ... you can rent the arts and pay the cost in a weeks time .

1. If you are having a shortage of gold and need items on rent then i am willing to provide you with the items on loan ! I will rent u the items and you can pay the rent cost later ! ( there is an ap rule in level 5 that prevents u from fighting combats until u have min 5 ap and a weapon in ur right hand )

2. If you keep taking items from me then i will provide you with discount on further items u take ! ( i have yet to decide the exact terms of the discount but expect it to be high )

3. If u need any ingame help or have any sort of questions about the game then feel free to contact me !

hotbeastank a.k.a. HBA
p.s. thnks all

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