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Joined Hunts...

AuthorJoined Hunts...
Sorry if this has been asked before...or if this is in the game-FAQ (Didn't see it in the quick look-around I just did).

But has it always been so that when you do a hunt without asking for assistance someone elses hunt might join yours?
Cause it's never happened before but now it's happened twice in 2 days for me.
This feature has nothing to do with asking for assistance.

Reference: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1842732

6. Finally, the East Bay Society of Living Nature activists have ratified changes in hunt. The hunt for leisure on easier groups of 1/2, 1/3 or 2/3 of your current maximum is now forbidden and will not take place. Moreover, the game seems to have grown a greater instinct of survival. From now on there is a poor likelihood of neutrals to flee until they catch up with another group of neutrals being under attack by a different Lord. As a result, a battle of two Lords versus two groups of neutral creatures, assembled randomly, will take place. In case of victory, the maximum for that creature type will not be increased; each Lord will receive up to 0.5 skill points and twice as big an amount of Hunters' Guild points as usual. Combat levels of the two willy-nilly hunt assistants aren't bound to be same.

Everytime you hunt, there is a small chance you will see the message ".... has taken to their heels" before the battle starts. If there's someone else starting a hunt while this message is up, your hunts may be merged into a 2v2 match.
It really only happens are your levels, (1-4), they aren't enough higher level players for many later on.
Ah ok, thanks =)
It really only happens are your levels, (1-4), they aren't enough higher level players for many later on.

that is true but it sometimes happen for higher levels

and have any one played 2vs3 hunt
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