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Weapon Ench 3x7% - 1500-75% to 2000-60% with free repair


AuthorWeapon Ench 3x7% - 1500-75% to 2000-60% with free repair
Hey everyone.
I'm your friendly neighbourhood weapon enchanter

I'll gladly do enchanting for anyone that wants me to. Please 'hire' me via PM so I know and have a record of the order.

I'm striving to be a good enchanter and I can now do 3x7% extra damage on weapons. That means 3 different sets of 7% elemental damage on a single weapon

The formulas for Weapon smithing are:
For each
* 1% earth elemental damage bonus: Meteorite Shard + Toadstool
* 1% air elemental damage bonus: Windflower + Witch's Bloom
* 1% water elemental damage bonus: Ice Crystal + Viper Venom
* 1% fire elemental damage bonus: Fire Crystal + Tiger's Claw
* 1% ignore target's defense: Moonstone + Abrasive

I'll pay you back 1500 per 1% enchanted if you provide the elements needed (1 pair per 1%) or if I'm providing the elements, I'll charge you 75% of the cost of the purchased elements.

For Warriors' Guild Clan Members, I will give 2000 gold back to you for 1% enchanting that you send elements to me for the enchanting and charge you only 60% of the elements' market price if I'm providing the elements.

Any mixture of the above is negotiable, just PM me to talk about it.

My ongoing tasks are listed in my profile, so you will know what I have on hand and how long I will take.

In addition, anyone that requests and pays for branding on the weapon gets a free repair of that weapon with Overclocker (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4311122) while this offer lasts.

Thank you.
Enchantment + repair. Consider it. Ponder about it.

Try it.
It's not the best, but then I do a good offer.

If you want to discuss the pricing, feel free to msg me or post here.

Enchantment + repair. Really, really think about it.
Any takers? 3x7% and free repair.

That's really quite good

Maybe I can add some flower designs or artistic pictures on your weapon too...
What can I do to make you patronise me.
What can I do to make you care....
3x7% and a free repair.

Not as good as some of the 4x10%s around, but then my prices are lower somewhat, right?

Come on, try an enchantment today.
Anyone up for a good enchantment? It's really not that expensive for what it can do. 21% more damage is a lot for Might based troops

And you get a free repair to boot
are you interested in enchanted artifact and don't have enough money for 4x10%? Consider Takesister's offer with cash-back, branded weapon will get free repair by me. And you can negotiate more than one repair :)
It's a good deal, really. Please consider helping out a poor enchanter and a poor repair smith...
Anyone? A good 3x7% is always welcome for many uses. PvP, record hunts, etc.

And a free repair? Priceless..
TS Enchantment Services is dedicated to your needs and the improvement of your battle experiences.

Come look at my rates today!
Get you enchantments here. Extra! Extra! Get you extra repair after that too...

Quick, while prices last!
I knwo there is much competition, but I'm an honest lady, a good woman. I won't cheat you.

*bats eyelids*
Anyone? 3x7%?

It's good, it's powerful. Not your Excalibur, but it should at least be the level of Sir Kay's swords or something?
do you want to have an edge in PvP? use enchanted weapons! Takesister will gladly enchant them, what's more, she will pay some money back! consider her offer ;)
As a bonus, branded weapons get a free repair(s).
Really. If you guys feel the branding is an issue, I'll pay for half of it. It is a form of advertisement for me anyway.

Negotiation is key. Tell me what you want and we'll discuss prices.
I wont some of those flowers you described in an earlier post :D
Sure.. Roses and Lillies?
And a touch of Orchids on the hilt.
Come on. I'll pay for the repair, ok? Free branding and repair for the next 2 enchantment orders.
Quick. Only for the next 2 people that want an enchantment...
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